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Sneakers for a bear

beertje 5 The pattern of the sneakers of the bear is written down in pdf file. It is very easy to make these sneakers. Use the same yarn for bear and sneakers in a nice color and there will be no problems making the shoes. I used SMC Bravo and knitting needles 3.5 mm. The pattern you can find here >>

Sneakers for a knitted bear pattern

Much fun making the sneakers, Elzeblaadje


U.f.o’s and bear

I am good in forgetting to finish projects. So there are a lot of u.f.o.’s in my boxes and working basket. This summer I want to finish some of these projects. After each new project I search for an old not finished project and try to finish it. Sometimes very difficult because I can’t find the original pattern or haven’t kept my notes.

beertje 4After finishing Miss Bear, also an u.f.o. I found in the bag a few parts of a small bear, The knitted body and head parts  were kept together by a pin, but I couldn’t find out which part belonged to the body or to the head and how they had to be assembled. Also the little bits or yarn in the bag were not sufficient for knitting  the other parts of the bear and the yarn I had ordered to finish the bear, was a bit different from the original yarn. It was becoming a real challenge to make the bear.

In my work book I found a copy of the pattern. The bear turned out to be the small star bear of Debbie Bliss!  With the pattern at hand I sewed the parts of the bear together and knitted arms and legs. The description of the pattern is not always clear but I remembered from other DB bears I made that I had to start at the cast on side of beertje 5the neck to sew the head parts to each other. I missed a picture of the head parts, in which was showed how to assemble them. Only written instructions are put in he book.  I also had altered some instructions to minimize the amount of parts to knit, that was either not helping. Also I hadn’t noted the needle size, and this was different from the pattern. The ears I made with the remnants of the original yarn and some natural flesh colored yarn, for the arms and legs I used the newly ordered yarn in a slightly different color. The used yarn is SMC Bravo, the needle size 4.0 and 3.5 mm

For the little bear I made furthermore pants and a shirt. Later on I made also a skirt and shoes. I think it is a nice bear, looking joyful and it looks like she want to dance.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Dressing Miss Bear

I made Miss Bear a lavender trouser, a transshipment jacket and a simple hat. All items are knitted. Only the lavender rim on the jacket is hooked. The jacket is knitted in one piece. Two buttons close the jacket, one on the inner side and one on the outer side. The trousers are also knitted in one piece. The hat is from leftover yarns in lavender and purple colors. I made alternating rows of knit and purl rows. I am planning to make also a hat with holes for the ears, I think that will be lovely.

Greetings Elzeblaadje6-juni

Reviving my Bear project

berenboekA few years ago when I was in knitting modus, I knitted several bears, but the last one never made the world. He was put away in a bag and forgotten. But a while ago I found the bear and put her together, but again I had not the time and the spirit to finish the bear. I think it is a forgot-me bear.

The original pattern is from the book “Teddy Bears” from Debbie Bliss. She wrote a real nice book with patterns about bears. I used the pattern of the bear on the cover for my bear.

June 2016 I found the bear in its bag and used it for a photo-shoot. And surprise, surprise I was in the mood to finish the bear and this time I succeeded. Luckily I made a copy of the pattern, because the book isn’t anymore in my possession.

Although the pattern was difficult to translate in dutch, I still made something that looked like a bear. I changed the pattern a little bit so I had less seams to sew together.

beer5The bear is the last of a serie of bears  I knitted. I call her Miss Bear, because she is a real big bear. She is as big as a newborn baby (48 cm). I knitted the bear with the color brown from SMC Bravo on needles 4.0 mm. The color is not available any more, but there are other browns in their collection. I have, pity enough, no photo’s from the other bears, but they all found a loving home.

For Miss Bear I made also a set of clothes. First a pant, and second a sweater and hat. Well that is the story of the forgot-me-bear “Miss Bear”. About the clothes I shall make an other blog in due time.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mini bear and spring time

minibeerIt took some time, but now he is among us, the little mini bear, Alfredo. He is standing near the fairy garden container, so you can see how big or small he is. Just a finger long. He has moveable arms and legs. Alfredo likes to travel, but for now he found a place at the top of the branch in the hall. My spring tree is ready. Just in time, because spring arrived today with the first insects and butterflies of this year.

greetings Elzeblaadje

Animal branches

treeIn my hallway I have a set of tree branches. My little birds and fishes are there also. The photo gives an impression of the setup. It is a nice spring decoration, although the winter hasn’t gone. This weekend we measured 19 cm of snow in the garden and it won’t melt. I was very busy with all kind of things, no time for crocheting animals, but yesterday I have started another one, al little bear. Tonight I will finish him or her.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Three bears

PartyAround christmas time I had made three mini-bears, they are very cute and playful. I will publish the pattern later, I have it only in dutch available, on the moment.