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My best project of the year

My best project of the year is the Sophie’s universe CAL. It was fun to do although it cost a few months to crochet the blanket. The original design came from look at what i made. But I was inspired to make some parts with my own design. There is still one design I haven’t finished yet to write down. The part with the toadstools and leaves. I hope in the new year to find time to finish all my designs.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


After Sophie’s Universe 3

The Cal is finished, but all over the world people are still starting making the Sophie. For all those people I write this blog.

The Sophie’s Universe is a nice project to do, but it cost a lot of time. I started in march and finished it in June 2015. That is totally 4 months work. The begin is very fast but the end is slow and time consuming, but it is nice to do, cause all the different and wonderful stitches. So don’t let time keep you away from making a Sophie.

Choose Your own colors and make an unique Sophie. sign in to Ravelry or Pinterest and view other Sophie’s and color-schemes. The details of mine Sophie are to find on my Ravelry page. You can use all kinds of yarns and colors. Just start it going one day.

The instructions are clear and come from http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/ . On the site you find links to the pattern in other languages, video-tutorials and other stuff, you will need. Don’t print the instructions but use a tablet, phone, laptop or p.c. to read or view the instructions. Printing cost a lot of paper and ink. Memorize the instructions and don’t forget to count your stitches. There is a lot of counting to do 🙂

I made some contributions to the Sophie I made. I have already placed the Butterfly Band and E.E.E. Border in my pattern section ! There is also the extended part of my Sophie, I hope to finish it soon and place the pattern online.

I wish you a lot of success with the making of the Sophie’s Úniverse, Elzeblaadje


Butterfly Band pattern online

Butterfly BandThe making of the Butterfly Band in the picture above and the finished band in the picture below.The pattern is now to be found in Pattern and so section of this blog.. The Butterfly Band pattern is an option for part 14 of the Sophie’s Universe Cal. It also can be used as band in a square or oblong blanket, as an edging of other work.

Much fun with the pattern, Elzeblaadje


Sophie’s Universe 3

vlinder1About 2 months ago I started with the Sophie’s Universe CAL. It was a lot of work to catch up with the CAL, but now I am already at part 17 and the Cal is almost done. It was a lot of crocheting, but it was also a lot of fun to do. The colorful bands of flowers and the nice stitches make the Sophie’s Universe a very nice work to do.

There was only one band I didn’t liked very much, the butterfly band from part 14. So I made an alternative band. I tried 3 butterflies before I found a nice one that fitted in the Sophie. It was also a challenge to design the butterflies in such a way that the band fitted exactly in the Sophie. I succeeded very well and I like the band now better.

Because people asked me about the pattern I have written it down. First in Dutch, available on Elzeboom and from now it is ready in English and soon available. Luckily my SIL advised me on the language of the pattern and one user about the pattern, so I hope everyone will be satisfied with the result and find no difficulties making the Butterfly Band.

Greetings Elzeblaadje