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The Enchanted Tree in Fantasialand

fairygardenI started with my blog in 2013 with the intention to show all beings of my Fantasia-land world.

But it took some time before I published my first Fantasia pattern. Now I have published my second pattern, the Enchanted Fairy Tree.

The pattern is all about making a nice  fantasy tree. You need some brown and  some different colored yarns, for example SMC Catania cotton. Furthermore a small hook, 2.5 mm, a carton roll, some coated wire, some aggravation, like stones, some light-weight stuffing and  a yarn needle.

Think about putting some stones in the base of the tree, so it will stand alone. Make your balls with light stuffing. How you have to construct the roots is all in the pattern description.

The pattern is to be found on this page >> Enchanted Fairy Tree

Succes, Elzeblaadje



Frida’s Flowers CAL

lilypond_part2bI have almost finished my garden blanket, so I have now time to think about a new project. There are 2 Cals I like to join in. First the Frida’s Flowers blanket designed bij Jane Crowfoot and second the Mandala Madness designed by Helen Shrimpton. Because I was hooked to my blanket, I haven’t followed the preparations very well. But now I will. The MM CAL has already begon and the first Mandala’s are to be found on facebook. I have some trouble with the colors people have chosen, I haven’t found a nice color scheme already. I think I will only do the first rounds and make a cushion cover with it. The FF CAL starts in april. I have checked my stash and there where enough balls of wool to start the FF and with ordering some new balls I will have sufficient yarn to make the whole blanket. Because Eastern is near I will start this weekend with the Mandala Madness. I will use the leftovers from my Garden Blanket and some new yarn I ordered a few weeks ago. I think this will be sufficient for a cushion cover.

Have a nice day, Elzeblaadje



Circles of the sun – Cal

There are malb-square1ny Cal’s now a days. Too many, I think. It is impossible to participate in all Cal’s. But when I came at the site of the circles of the sun cal, I was hooked at once. Such nice squares and also a bit mysterious, I liked it immediately. So now and than between my other bigger projects i make one of the blocks of this Cal. I haven chosen soft colors for the blocks and when finished it will be a nice baby blanket.  I haven’t done all the blocks already. Number five is the next to be done by me. On the picture number one. I will not show all the blocks in this blog, for maybe you will participate also . The blocks and more info are to find on http://lillabjorncrochet.blogspot.cz/2015/06/mystery-cal-2015-overlay-crochet.html.

I hope you will also have much fun in making the circles of the sun, Elzeblaadje

Lily Pond Cal part 4

The four panels of the fourth part of the Lily Pond Cal are ready, There is only a lot of threads LPdeel4hanging from the panels, so I am not totally ready with it. The pins and wheels where nice to make, but concentration was needed, because of errors. Regularly I forgot the chain 3 to make and then i had to frog a bit. I learn the pattern always very fast so I don’t need the written pattern only the first time. I also have a tablet where I keep my patterns and can read them, it cost no paper  or printing ink. The wheels are a very old pattern, called the Catherine Wheels,  I am now looking for an opportunity to start with part 5, but first i have to finish the other blanket on my hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Lily Pond Cal part 3

Lilypond3JPGIt took some time, because I was busy with the other blanket, but now my third part of the Lily Pond Cal is finished. The four  lily buds are all made and the threads are hidden and cut off. It was a much easier square to make. The flowers are made with hook 4 mm. The square itself is made with hook 3.5 mm, although the first rounds in the original pattern were suggested to make with 4 mm, I choose a smaller hook. It turned out to be nicer and less wobbly. The color Atlantis is used in the last round. I like the effect of it. For the leaves I used first the color meadow alone, but it was a bit boring, so now it is alternated with the color spring green. I already used 1 skein of spring green so I had to order a second skein. Today it arrived, now I can go on with part 4 of the Cal.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Sophie’s Universe 3

vlinder1About 2 months ago I started with the Sophie’s Universe CAL. It was a lot of work to catch up with the CAL, but now I am already at part 17 and the Cal is almost done. It was a lot of crocheting, but it was also a lot of fun to do. The colorful bands of flowers and the nice stitches make the Sophie’s Universe a very nice work to do.

There was only one band I didn’t liked very much, the butterfly band from part 14. So I made an alternative band. I tried 3 butterflies before I found a nice one that fitted in the Sophie. It was also a challenge to design the butterflies in such a way that the band fitted exactly in the Sophie. I succeeded very well and I like the band now better.

Because people asked me about the pattern I have written it down. First in Dutch, available on Elzeboom and from now it is ready in English and soon available. Luckily my SIL advised me on the language of the pattern and one user about the pattern, so I hope everyone will be satisfied with the result and find no difficulties making the Butterfly Band.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Sophie Universe CAL part 1

A few SUcal_dl3weeks ago I found the Sophie Universe CAL at http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/. The Cal was already a few weeks under way so I had a lot of crocheting  doing to keep up. It costed a month of hard labor before I made all the parts of the Cal. But now I am ready with part 13 and part 14 is under way.

The first three parts of the CAL was already known as the Sophie Mandala.. It was super to make. The Mandala is so colorful and it also resembles a real mandala. Making the rounds let me feel if  I was in a monastery of Buddhist monks. In real the colors are more vivid than the pictures shows.

I am making the Sophie Universe with acrylic. SMC original Bravo is a nice acrylic in many colors and it crochets nice and swift. I had a stash of some skeins, so I could start immediately.  I think it is a beautiful design and you can use it for many purposes.

Greetings, Elzebaadje