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Skull caps and so

skulmutsThe crocheted skull cap on my blog is very popular. There are many hits and downloads. Mostly people find my pattern on Ravelry. Only I don’t know of the cap is really made and wear. Therefore I would ask you down-loaders, if you want to send me a picture or post it on Ravelry in the projects section if you have made the cap. I am very curious if adding a free pattern is appreciated.

A few weeks ago I could lend a porcelain head, so now I can take a much better picture of the skull caps and of the caps and hats in my stash. Doesn’t it looks fine? Soon  more pictures of hats and caps.

Greetings Elzeblaadje.


Orange cap

pumpkinhat._orangeJPGWhat about knitting an orange pumpkin cap this weekend for Halloween? All You need is a skein of orange yarn, like Stylecraft or Bravo and a bit of some  similar green yarn, and needles nr. 4. I wrote the pattern notes already down for you, some time ago, but finished them this Friday. An experienced knitter makes the cap in a few hours.

You can find the notes under projects >> colorful caps >> caps for Halloween

Greetings Elzeblaadje

More skulls

kolmetskull2It is Halloween time and we favor skulls and all kinds of creepy things in this time of the year. My Skulls patterns are frequently visited and I thought: wouldn’t it be nice to have the skull pattern in a cowl or infinity scarf or something else. With the pattern of the cap of gauntlets you can also make a cowl if you are handy. Not everybody is handy, so I have written some notes about making a cowl with skulls. They are in the pattern and so menu, above this post. I hope the notes are helpful to make  a whole set of skully garments for this time of the year.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cap with skulls

skullcapYesterday I finally posted my cap with skulls pattern on Ravelry, Soon it will be winter and Halloween and than a cap will be nice to have. The pattern is based upon the lost souls  skull shawl from Maryetta Roy. The cap is made in the same manner as the skull gauntlets. So with cap, mittens and shawl you are ready for Halloween and wintertime. The Skull gauntlets are very nice in the cold season when you are typing on your computer. I have made several pair and given them to sister, niece and daughter, and all were happy with them. Crocheting cost you an evening or two hours and all kinds of yarn can be used. I made them from merino and they were extremely warn and comfortable. The cap is also fast to crochet. Don’t crochet the pitch chain to tight and all will go well. The patterns are in the pattern section of the website, see the menu above this post.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Buurman Mat

Mat_headWell the cap belonged to neighbor Mat. One of the projects I am working on. There are two neighbors and they work together, doing jobs. They are a bit clumsy and things aren’t going easy on them. You can find  video clips of the two neigbors if you search for Pat & Mat. There slogan is A je to! It is done.

A month or three ago I saw a nice picture of the two clumsy man and I was tempted to make them as dolls. There are already several patterns of the two, but I wasn’t satisfied with those patterns. So I decided to make my own Pat & Mat. Making was done in a few days but then I had some other things going on, so the project became forgotten. Now it is vacation time and I remembered my project. it wasn’t easy to came in the flow again, but I succeeded this time and now the two of them are standing on my table. Mat looks a bit confused, on the photograph. But he is sweet as a bee. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

I am busy

mutsje_matThe last days I am very busy with the hook 🙂

Not everything is already complete, so you have to wait a little bit. But on the picture you see a peep of one of the projects I am busy with. Most of the little pieces are crocheted now, so I can sew them together and than I have to make some clothes for the little fellows, for now they are very nude.

Also the flower granny’s have to be crocheted. and therefore I need some days more. Twenty granny’s to go, I suppose, that will be certainly a week of hard working . I have also ordered some more skeins and colorful yarns, that will be delivered soon. I hope it will turn out nice, but for now you have to guess what I am making, Ellen is excluded for she has seen my project already.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje