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Christmas Elves by Alan Dart

I fell in love with the tree elves of Alan Dart. The tree trimmers of Alan Dart are very small dollies, they will not take many hours to make. It is knitting, but a experienced crocheter will make them also in no time at all just by looking at them. But I like knitting and small pieces don’t make me afraid. so I made two Elves the last weeks.

The making of the elves from the little pieces is a bit complex. I had problems with the mattress stitch, because the pieces are so little. But you can use other stitches as well. The used yarn is Phildar pronostic + and some small amounts of Scheepjes invicta and a little bit of golden yarn. The elves are knitted on needles 3.0 mm. The elves are about 20 cm high.

Because it is Christmas Time, I decorated the Elves with golden yarn. Furthermore I put some pipe cleaners in arms and legs and now they can sit and climb up and down the tree branches of my christmas tree.

Maybe I make some more tree climbers, Elzeblaadje


Christmas Tree Skirt

I was early with my christmas preparations. Last year my husband suggested I should make a skirt for our christmas tree, but then there was no time enough. This year I started early november. I had a wonderful idea in my head, but is was not practicable. So I started at random with some red and green from a not so expensive yarn, that was in my stash. I used for the first rows a pattern, for I had no idea were to increase in the rows. So I followed a pattern that came along in facebook. It turned out to be rather easy. In the week that followed I let my hook do the job and a tree skirt was born. It is not the most beautiful object I made, but it will be nice under the christmas tree. The tree skirt is supported with 2 metal circles and a layer of fiberfill. Only I forgot the circles by decorating the tree. I put also some toadstools with lights in them under the tree.

The tree skirt is decorated with some overlay crochet, puff stitches and golden threads. The last row is a row of golden scallops. In the back is an overlap flap, but you can make if necessary a closure with buttons.

Much fun making your own tree skirt, Elzeblaadje

Presents of December

In december 2016 it was present time, so I made some gifts to unwrap on Christmas. But the presents had to be small and light for they had to travel overseas in a suitcase. It was difficult to imagine what the family would like to have. Nowadays everybody has all kinds of things so what present is there to give. My idea was to make a slipcover to put in a ladies bag in which you can protect your phone or you can put some other item in, like a smal box of paper handkerchiefs ore something else.

The slipcovers, I made three for three ladies, where all made from nice colorful cotton. I use often SMC Catania for it has a nice shiny touch. Every cover is made from 2 small Granny squares. They were combined to a small case. After joining them I made a bottom and an upper part with a flap wherein a buttonhole was made. The granny pattern came from a book, but it was a bit too big, so I altered the last rounds of the grannies. Most work came afterwards, the threads hanging loose.

Greetings Elzeblaadje
hoesje2 hoesje

Preparing for Christmas

I planned a post about Christmas ornaments and other nice stuff to make. But something else came on my path and I forgot all about this post. No crochet or knitting this month, but I was scrap-booking an album about my youth. Now it is finished I can return to crochet and knitting stuff again.

mutsieBut because of Christmas I show a nice cap, It is easy to make. Choose a nice bulky yarn. Measure your head, cast on enough stitches to surround your head. Knit around with circular needles 10 mm in stocking stitch, till it is high enough. Take 2 normal needles and divide the stitches in two, knit them together and cast off immediately. Your cap is finished.

Merry Christmas, Elzeblaadje

Merry Christmas

Dear visitors and followers,

It is a busy time this time of year in Mansion Elzeblaadje, so my blog lacks some attention. I hope You forgive me. In the meanwhile I am also very busy with knitting and crocheting and writing patterns down, but the time is limited, these days, so you have to be patient. In fantasy land the gnomes and fairies haven been celebrating under the enchanted tree, for it is the time of the year in which the seasons shifts. It was a huge party and everybody is exhausted. But in the new year they will welcome new bothers and sisters.

Have a nice Christmas, Elzeblaadje



christmas-ornamentsI think December is a busy time for crafts woman. There are lots of things to do and one of them is making Christmas ornaments. Luckily I did make a lot the last years so I can take my time and do some other nice things.

It is fun to make your own Christmas decorations. Use your imagination to make some nice ornaments. I decorated these crocheted balls with apple blossom and leaves. but you can decorate them with anything you like. You can also make them in any color you like. So the balls are purple and lavender colored. A nice combination with the soft tinted flowers. The flowers and leaves are from a very popular book ” 100 flowers to knit and crochet” by Lesley Stanfield.

This year I don’t made ornaments or decorations. But I am still knitting and crocheting other items. On my needles is a cowl and on my hook fingerless gloves. On my worktable is a bear, I still want to finish before the end of the year.  I hope this will succeed.

I wish everybody lots of fun making their own ornaments.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mezzaluna shawl 3

mezzalunashawl3Writing does it. After my last post I went looking for the Mezzaluna shawl and I saw that it needed not much to finish, so why not doing it right away. So now I proudly present my version of the Mezzaluna shawl or wrap. It is made with red sparkling yarn from a discount shop in town. The yarn is very vulnerable. It is red acrylic with a thin metal thread. The sparkling is not visible on the pictures I made, but it gives the wrap a luxury touch. I think it will be very nice to wear around Christmas time.

The pattern is to be find on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mezzaluna-crescent-moon-wrap

Greetings, Elzeblaadje