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Persian Tiles 2


It is fun to make the Persian Tiles in the way I do. Each Tile is different from the other tiles. And each has it own emanation. But it is also complex to make them in this way. The color combination is still unique for each tile. But after a few tiles, I made a scheme with all the colors and rows in excel and each time I start a new round I look onto my scheme to see if I have used the colors in this round or if I hasn’t. In the beginning I chose random colors, but after a while I noticed some colors were used twice in the same round. That is not a great problem and it is sometimes necessary to make a good color combination, but I like to avoid that kind of thing. If you look at the octagons I made, you see that everyone has it own appearance and emanation. I am very curious how the whole blanket will look whenever ready. I am showing now four different Persian Tiles and in the pictures so you can see how they show.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje



Autumn shawl

Between the big projects, I like it, to have an easy job with straight forward crochet or knitting. It is nice to work on such a project while listening to radio or television. Just counting and swinging the hook or the needles. No difficult thinking to do, just let the hands do their work. So while I worked  on the Lily Pond, joining the squares and panels I also was working on an Autumn shawl. I had found a nice colored yarn, with exactly the colors you see mostly in the fall. And it was also nice to crochet, for the design of this scallop shawl is an easy and pretty design. Some people call it the virus shawl. It is no clear who is the designer, some claim it on Ravelry, but the design is much older.  So I can not give you a link to the design, for I am not sure who is the owner, but the pattern is easily to find. Although I liked the shawl very much, I wasn’t keeping it. So I gave it away. My SIL is very happy with the nice warm scallop shawl. Oh the yarn I used is a very popular yarn in my country, you can find the details on Ravelry, see link in the right corner of my blog.

Have a nice weekend, Elzeblaadje

herfstshawl herfstshawl_det

Circles of the sun – Cal

There are malb-square1ny Cal’s now a days. Too many, I think. It is impossible to participate in all Cal’s. But when I came at the site of the circles of the sun cal, I was hooked at once. Such nice squares and also a bit mysterious, I liked it immediately. So now and than between my other bigger projects i make one of the blocks of this Cal. I haven chosen soft colors for the blocks and when finished it will be a nice baby blanket.  I haven’t done all the blocks already. Number five is the next to be done by me. On the picture number one. I will not show all the blocks in this blog, for maybe you will participate also . The blocks and more info are to find on http://lillabjorncrochet.blogspot.cz/2015/06/mystery-cal-2015-overlay-crochet.html.

I hope you will also have much fun in making the circles of the sun, Elzeblaadje

Sophie Universe CAL part 2

SUcal_dl4cThe second part of the Sophie Universe is called the garden. Little flowers are peeping through the stitches. The Mandala becomes a square.

It was very nice to make this square and I liked it so much I didn’t want to go on to the next steps and making the Sophie Universe into a blanket. I hesitated but after ordering some more acrylic I joined the group of crafters who are making the Sophie Universe. I still want some day to make this part again. for it is very nice.

At this moment in the making of the Universe I had to choose also my colors. At first I took what I had in stash and looked nice in combination with the other colors, but in the making of the garden colors begun to repeat. Although there are more colors in my stash I used only fifteen or so for the making of the Sophie Universe. Fifteen is a lot but they look very nice in combination with each other.

The used colors are: white, pink, light lavender, lavender, purple, orange, red, dark red, blue, petrol, light yellow and sunshine, grass green and dark green, sand. On my Ravelry page more information in the project section of the used yarn and colors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


all kinds of nice colors

The cotton yarn arrived yesterday and I am very content with the new colors. I am already crocheting with my hook on a new zerg.

Greetings Elzeblaadje