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frogs and flowers

frogs and flowersCrochet on the table in an old or new lantern, I crocheted a tree frog and a orchid and placed the on a branch of one of mine garden shrubs. The tree frog came from roman-sock, A page full of nice little patterns.

The orchid is my own idea. On the table was a nice flowering orchid and I copied it a bit, The plants are fasten on the branches with small wire. The pattern for the frog included some bright eyes, but I hadn’t these in my stash, so I made the eyes with yarn.

On the bottom of the glass container is froggieanother frog. This one is crocheted wit very small yarn, katia jaipur. The frog turned out to be an nice beast, I made the eyes this time with some wooden orange beads. She turned out to be a rather nice frog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Crocheting in boxes

frogI like to crochet in containers, making a nice scene with crocheted elements. I now have written down the story of one of my containers.


Center piece is a little frog I made for the challenge!

You can read it following the link


Greetings Elzeblaadje


plantjes It is very quiet around the CAL, but I am still working on it. Today a glimpse of the container and its occupants. I have made an orchid, just like the one that was flowering on my table all summer. I found two nice sticks. I believe they where once honeysuckle branches. They are nicely shaped and perfect to be an underground for the leafy plant I crocheted before. I am looking for a nice critter that can be placed in the container.
greetings elzeblaadje

Mini container with plant

It was a busy week with all kind of things to do and minimal crocheting. But the weather is cool now and the hook ready so nothing to stop me. I am also experimenting with my containers. I found this nice little glass box and it seems perfect for my trifidplant. Maybe I have to crochet something nice looking to put with it in the box. But it has to wait for I have many W.I.P.s on the moment.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

New project

Today I have bought a square container for a new project with starts on 17 Juli. The container is 21 cm from side to side and big enough to contain some crocheted items. It is in fact a wooden box and mended to contain candles, but it is also fitted for my crochet project. It will be my contribution to the CAL of Treblemaking hookers Tomorrow I will post a picture of my wooden candle box, still empty.

Greetings Elzeblaadje