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Special doll 3

When I was searching the internet for photographs of David Bowie, I found a very cool costume and I wondered if I could make the costume. Not long after this I found out that this costume was also the favorite of my client and she liked the idea of making the costume very much.

The trousers were not very difficult, but the shirt was more of a challenge. I made it from multicolored catania fine, in the color blue-purple, -green. With some natural white I made the design of the shirt. I also made some nice booties  to go by the costume. By the outfit belongs also a guitar and and eye-patch. These items were made by my client. She send me a very cool picture of the whole dress-up I think that meanwhile all readers have guessed that I wrote about David Bowie and his Rebel-Rebel outfit.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Special doll 2

dbpop5In the Icons book the doll was dressed in a costume made from felt. It was a nice costume but I found it a challenge to knit the costume. On the picture the result. The sleeves are actually arm pieces, so the doll can wear the jacket without them. He looks very cool in it that way.

The  trousers and Jacket are knitted with Catania fine, and the ribbons are crocheted on the fabric. It gives a 3 -dimensional effect.

In this phase of making the doll ,I also made the wig. First I knitted from some thick yarn a model. I wanted to make  whiskers and a neck piece in it. The second time knitting the model, it turned out to be right. I made the wig in garter stitch with Brazilia SMC. The original pattern had no ears, knitting turned out to be difficult so I crocheted them eventually.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Special doll 1

davidBpop1Somebody very dear to me asked me, some time ago, to knit a doll she had seen in a book. It was the David Bowie doll in the Knitted Toons Book of Carol Meldrum. Because I like knitting and because I like a challenge I made a doll for her. The doll itself was easy to knit and very simple, I made first a test doll of cotton  I had in my stash, that turned out to be a nice doll, but she had not the right color skin and hair so  I ordered some yarn. After arriving the doll was fast knitted. But he turned out to be a bit bulky, I had adjusted the pattern a bit for the Bowie doll, for the test doll was to feminine. In the meanwhile I had studied some Bowie pictures and found a very nice knitted costume. I liked it so much that I knitted it right away. It is of course not the same but it gives an impression of the costume. In the picture the first glimpse of the doll in the costume I knitted. The doll is not yet finished as you can see.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

A lovely doll 2

popje2I had much time on my hand, so I made two outfit2outfits for the doll with the black hair. The second outfit was also pictured by my niece, The sweater is made in two colors, neon green and baby blue, with brown borders. On the sweater is a word embroidered in silver. with a little heart in stead of the O. The trousers are made from a multicolored yarn. The belt is a bit of brown elastic wit a silver button. Under the sweater is a little white bra. The shoes are crocheted and have little heels. The chain around the neck is also a piece of silver yarn wit a silvery bead. The outfit is almost the same as the drawing, the differences are all due to the fact that not everything is possible in yarn and not everything is in my stash or easy to realize. The yarn I used this time was Catania cotton fine.

My Niece was very surprised by the doll and the clothes. She recognized her drawing immediately. For me It was fun to do.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



A lovely doll

tpop1The woolen doll turned into a lovely doll. I finished her last week and gave her as present to a niece. When finishingoutfit1 the doll I was out of inspiration for some clothes, so I asked the mother of my niece if she had a fashion design from my niece. Fashion drawings are very popular between the girls now a day. My sister in law liked the idea and send my a photograph of a very complicated fashion design made by her daughter. It was a challenge to knit the design, I thought. But I have a lot of stash and so I found a yarn that matched the rainbow colored skirt. The yarn I used was Katia Jaipur.  The skirt was knitted with needles 2,5. The top was made with Catania fine natural. The doll has a knitted wig. First I made a model with knitting needles 4, It took knitting two models before i was satisfied with the result. Knitting fluffy yarn is very difficult, because you can’t see the stitches very good. But it succeeded very well. The girdle of the skirt is a velvet band closed with Velcro.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Knitting and dolls

doll_woolThey are all ready to go to their new homes. The knitted dolls I made these last weeks are dressed and made-up. I did my very best to give them nice clothes and shoes. It feels empty. No knitting needles in my hands and my working table empty and clean. What will I do next. There are many projects waiting. But I am still in the mood to make and knit.

Today I finished the last doll. I made a pair of shoes, glued some hearts and sewed some buttons on the front of the garments. Tomorrow I will en wrap them in nice colorful paper, and Sunday I will bring them to their new owners. I hope they will enjoy it.

Greetings from a sad maker, Elzeblaadje


Nice to knit

knitIt is nice to knit again. I was forgotten how  knitting helps to keep the stress away. It is a peaceful activity and it is also very nice to see the stitches grow and grow till a little garment has formed. For I knit little pieces of clothing for a doll. And I like what I am doing, it gives me lots of inspiration. The doll will  get a whole wardrobe full of little costumes to wear .

Knitting is nice, and it is a challenge to knit each costume and not crochet it. Although I made some parts and pieces in crochet. For some things are better done in crochet and others better in knitting.

I think you are all very curious what keeps me away from crochet, but you have to be patient, there are still a lots of threads to clean away, seams to sew, buttons to sew on and so on. I am also still working on a small but necessary garment piece. And there have to be some shoes or socks. So I hope you don’t mind, I have nothing to show you right now. But I am still working the needles and hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje