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Busy, Busy

hoodieI am busy with hooking and knitting projects, but there isn’t a thing yet to show. I am also full with ideas and discovered the making of Art-Journals, which keeps me enthralled. (for my blog about my art-journal visit life of alice) So I can’t tell or show something new, but I can still write a post about some things that I made in 2015.

In the autumn I made some hoodies, nothing spectacular, just what knitting and playing with yarn and needles. More people made hoodies. It was rather popular on Facebook and Pinterest. knithoodieMost of the hoodies are very simple, just a right piece of knitted cloth sewed together. To make them adorable some ears are sewed onto the head part. It looks nice on children, but do you want to walk around in a shopping mall looking like an animal?

On Elzeboom , my dutch site, I wrote how you can make your own green hoodie. Maybe one day, I will translate the description of the hoodie(s) into English or you can use google translate 🙂 for the green one.

Greetings Elzeblaadje