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Merry Christmas

Dear visitors and followers,

It is a busy time this time of year in Mansion Elzeblaadje, so my blog lacks some attention. I hope You forgive me. In the meanwhile I am also very busy with knitting and crocheting and writing patterns down, but the time is limited, these days, so you have to be patient. In fantasy land the gnomes and fairies haven been celebrating under the enchanted tree, for it is the time of the year in which the seasons shifts. It was a huge party and everybody is exhausted. But in the new year they will welcome new bothers and sisters.

Have a nice Christmas, Elzeblaadje



New fairy

elfjeI am busy rewriting the fairy pattern. It occurred to me that some part were not very clear, so I decided to make a new fairy. It will also be a present. It took me some hours to make all the parts, But I learned a lot following my own pattern. I will write first the fairy pattern in dutch and then rewrite the English pattern.
I am now busy with the hairs and dress of this new fairy, maybe it will become a Christmas fairy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Fairy garden meeting


fairygarden ellenYesterday my Sister in law came to visit my family and she could admire my fairy garden and all it inhabitants. But to my surprise she also had her fairy garden with her. So the two of them meet. It was nice to talk about our hobby, and look at what I was making and brewing in my work basket. She also had a little surprise for me, the first little bird from my pattern. It is a very nice birdie.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

fairygarden alice

Unicorn and maiden

unicorn and maidenThe fairy garden completed, I am in search of a new project. I want to make a fantasy world of amigurumi figures, Maybe make little stories with the dolls and animals, or little video’s. But t has to wait a little bit, because I have still projects going on or not finished. Still a few weeks to go and time is on my side, my diary is becoming a bit empty in june.  But first I want to make a new tableau in my container. So I put all the objects and figures in a carton box. Only the tree and fairy ring remained. It occurred to my that my unicorn was in search of a maiden. And it was not difficult to find one in my carton box. Isn’t she lovely, touching the nose of the unicorn. Maybe I can make a little story around these two. But for now I am sleepy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

little birds

luckybirdies2Before the fairy garden project, my mind was occupied with bears and birds. I am very fond of these animals and I wanted to make some of them. The bears are very playful and like to jump on whatever I am making, and the last days that was a little bird. I had already made two for the Mad CAL, look on the fairy garden page, but I wasn’t satisfied over the pattern, so the past days I have carefully made some new birds and written the pattern down. But it will need some finishing touch before I put the pattern here, so keep patient.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Fairy garden finished

Well it is done. The Fairy garden is finished. The fairy has come home and dances with the gnomes  and other creatures in the garden. Although the garden is very small, everybody has found a place. The last to come were the lucky birds, they build a nest in the fairy tree and have an egg to worry about. The next days I will finish my special fairy page and show you some photographs.

Greetings Elzeblaadje