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Secret Garden Blanket 3

The three bandSG3s after the pond and the yellow flowers are two hedges and a small stone path. First the buxus hedge in green and red for the flowers in the hedge.

Second the grey stone path and third a red leaf hedge with some yellow flowers in it. The hedges have little stems in brown. The path and hedges encircle the pond.SG4

After the red hedge a border of flowering plants is crocheted. For the leaves light orange is used for the flowers yarn with all kind of colors in it. The flowers encircle also the pond and path.

The next band is a small railing, that encloses the inner garden of the secret garden.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 2

This time petrol was the main color of the blanket pieces for the Frida’s Flowers Blanket. I have already 8 whole pieces and 8 half pieces of the blanket, that makes 16 flowers. In the pieces of part two the Dahlia bud was the central flower. When i made the flower I could see the dahlia bud in it. I have made the dahlia’s in two colors, white and soft peach. For the pieces I had sufficient yarn. It took one ball petrol and a little bit to make all the pieces For the flowers very little yarn is needed. I had some problems with the first granny. I made a mistake in the first petrol round and didn’t noticed it, so I had to do the granny all over again. Furthermore the making of part 2 was a piece of cake and i am very satisfied with the result!

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Sneak preview

While waiting on the start of some CALs, I have started making a gardencrochet1small blanket, with my left overs of the Sophie’s Universe and some similar yarn. It is not a secret project, but it is not yet complete. I think I am half way. I will reveal a bit when I think it is ready to show. The theme of the blanket is: the small secret garden. I am using some bands from the Sophie’s Universe and some bands I make myself. Central in the blanket is the pond. On the picture you see a little bit of the pond and the first flowers along the ponds edge. There will be more flowers to come. I want also a row of trees or something similar around the garden.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


After Sophie’s Universe 2

I am a little bit behind with posting, The Sophie’s Universe is ready. I have washed it and put it on my bed. ItSU_fin3 sleeps wonderful warm. But there are 2 parts of the Sophie I wanted to write about. In the picture you can see both parts. First the extension of the Sophie and second the border.

Th extension of the Sophie was made because I didn’t wanted to make more grannies. I have so many granny projects on my hands now a day that another would be too much, so I made an extension of my own for the Sophie. My first idea was, the Sophie is a garden and the diamond band is the framing of the garden, behind the frame there is the wild forest and woodlands and in my extensions I wanted that to symbolize. If you go beyond the gate, you find the woods, with berry plants, with toadstools and mushrooms, you find the leaves of the trees and the wild flowers. It all goes wild  in the end.

In the borer you find a wall of blue stones, more wild flowers, blue skies and little plants, and in the end the horizon of an setting sun. And so my Sophie’s Universe voyage has almost ended. Almost because I will write the border and extension in a pattern, just like the butterfly band.

I hope you all enjoyed my voyage into the wild beyond the Sophie’s Universe, Elzeblaadje

Flowers in the meadow poncho

poncho_edgeBy the end of September, the flower-in-the-meadow poncho was ready.  I started on 1 July, So it took me me 3 months.

I made 80 flower granny squares to form the poncho, I had to wait with blogging till the poncho was arrived by its new owner. By that time something else was on my mind so it took its time. But the poncho is now arrived and enthusiastic received.  I had a lot of little threads to cut off, the last week. It cost me days. Some details. The yarn is SMC Bravo, 8 colors are used. The bottom edge resembles water and is crocheted as a lavender colored clover edge. The bottom granny have also a lavender or blue outer layers that develop in green and darker green layers to resemble the meadows and woods.

The poncho and grannies are inspired by   http://husflit.wordpress.com/

Greetings Elzeblaadje
poncho0 poncho1


zonnebloem I am totally addicted to crochet flowers and leaves. And looks this sunflower with leaves not nice on my sunhat. I found in the shop a nice book with many flower and leaves patterns. I Like the patterns very much. It seems of they resemble the flowers themselves. The patterns are not easy to crochet, but the result is beautiful.

Greetings Elzeblaadje