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Cap with skulls

skullcapYesterday I finally posted my cap with skulls pattern on Ravelry, Soon it will be winter and Halloween and than a cap will be nice to have. The pattern is based upon the lost souls  skull shawl from Maryetta Roy. The cap is made in the same manner as the skull gauntlets. So with cap, mittens and shawl you are ready for Halloween and wintertime. The Skull gauntlets are very nice in the cold season when you are typing on your computer. I have made several pair and given them to sister, niece and daughter, and all were happy with them. Crocheting cost you an evening or two hours and all kinds of yarn can be used. I made them from merino and they were extremely warn and comfortable. The cap is also fast to crochet. Don’t crochet the pitch chain to tight and all will go well. The patterns are in the pattern section of the website, see the menu above this post.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Starcraft 2 Overlord pattern online

0verlord10Well it is done. It took some time, but now the Overlord pattern is ready and posted on my blog. For those waiting it will be nice news. I am looking forward to lots of Overlords floating above all kinds of gaming pc’s.

Look in the pattern section of my blog to find the Overlord pattern. It is a free pattern and a challenge to make your own Overlord.

Enjoy it, Elzeblaadje

Cap with skulls pattern


The pattern of the cap with skulls is posted on the website. I hope everybody will like it and make her own cap or Helmet. Mine cap turned out to be a nice little thing. On the cap I made three skulls, less is possible. I think that cap and gauntlets together will be a nice combination. The pattern is free and  posted in pattern and so!

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Skull Gauntlets Pattern

gauntletsThe skull gauntlets pattern is online. I hope that my readers like it. It was fun to make the gauntlets and write the pattern down. They are very easy to make and cost you only a few hours to crochet. The pattern is for free and not meant to be sold. Everybody can make his own pair of gauntlets if wanted. You can find the pattern here:


Lots of fun with the pattern, Elzeblaadje