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Frida’s Flowers Cal -finished

My Frida’s Flowers Blanket is finished. Yesterday I hooked the last stitches and cut the last threads of the edge. And so there came an end to this Cal. The result is beautiful.

I made the edge with the colors of the background: midnight, plum, raspberry and petrol. The seams between the panels are made in raspberry (Mauve). It took almost a half skein to make the seams. There were a lot of threads to finish so it took quit a while before i was ready, but now I am done and ready to start a new project.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Frida’s Flowers Cal 8

I am half way through the assembling of the Frida’s Flowers Cal. It is a lot of puzzling to find the correct place for each panel.

The panels are crocheted  to each other on the backside. I am using Raspberry to do so. I have chosen this color because it contrasts all other panels beautiful and there was a sufficient  amount of yarn left.

I have trouble seeing the dark panels by lamplight so I have to work on the blanket by daylight. But the last days were also very dark ans cloudy and I didn’t make much progress. The flowers have an extra difficulty, because the leaves and petals are mostly in the middle of each side and they have to match the middle of the contrasting panel.

I hope the assembling of the pieces is complete before Tuesday, when the last part of The Cal, the edge, will appear.

greetings ElzeblaadjeFF_inelkaarzetten

Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 7

FF-part7-1All panels of the Frida’s Flowers Cal are now made! I just have finished the 5 hexagons of part 7, Frida’s Bouquet. Now I have to assemble all pieces in a superb blanket. But first I have to eliminate all loose threads of the remaining 10 pieces. this gives lot of work to do.

Part 7 is a mix of all other panels, a little flower on top, leaves, red petals and a background piece, of yellow and white. The flower is the cosmos flower of the first piece. It is just a little flower on top of a bigger flower, surrounded with more yellow and white flowers, the bouquet.

This time there were 5 pieces to make. I made the little flowers in different colors, first lime and soft peach in two flowers and meadow and white in two others and lime and white in the last flower (this will be the centerpiece). The leaves get the same colors as the top flowers. The second row of the leaves was the most difficult to make, counting my stitches wouldn’t help, I always missed one. Only missing a stitch doesn’t matter for the next rounds. I found also the yellow color of round 9 a bit to much yellow. And then  I forgot to make the blue bullion stitches, but I have corrected that later. Only on the pictures they are still absent.FF-part7-4

Taking stock of all the hexagons, I concluded that a few colors were used very minimal, like copper and raspberry. Also I have used only 1,5 skein of midnight. So there is 1,5 skein left for the edging.

If you are going to start the blanket later on, it is a good idea to look into my Ravelry account for the exact length and weight of yarn I used. Maybe you have some leftover yarn that will replace the minimal colors copper and raspberry.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 6

FF-part6I am working hard to make all the pieces of the Frida’s Flowers before a certain date. So I am laying all my other projects aside and use all my free time to crochet on the pieces. In a few days I made all the six pieces of part 6, the ring of roses.

First I made one to find out if there are difficulties in the making. But the first rounds in which the flower is crocheted are easy enough.

Then we encounter the bullion stitch, after a bit of exercise I found out the the easiest way to make this stitch is to twiddle the yarn at the base of the needle 4 times and then pulling the yarn through with the thumb on the twirls.

FF-part6-4The second problem is the making of the leaves in 2 colors of green, the first round was going alright, but the second one gives me problems. On the point of the leaf, the hook struggles with the yarn and is difficult to pull through. Also the six stitches after this point were difficult to execute, I always seem to miss one.

The last rounds of the hexagon piece were no problem at all, only I found it easier to fix the leaf point to the last round by not skip the middle stitch but by crocheting the point to this stitch. I hope this will not give me problems by fastening the pieces to each other.

All six pieces are now made, up to part 7.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 5

FFpart5Yesterday, I finished part 5 of the Frida’s Flowers Blanket. It was a nice flower this time and not too easy. I am a bit behind in making the blanket. Tomorrow part 7 will be released and I am still half way part 6. Well because the time between the releases is two weeks, I did a lot of other projects and so I lost some interest in the blanket. The other projects were also nice to do and had to be finished. I also had a lot of trouble to make a nice FFpart5_detpicture of this piece. The colors of the flowers and leaves in the pictures are not as vivid as in reality.

There were no great difficulties in the making of this part. The center of the flower is again a serie of popcorn stitches. The flower petals make a ring of hearts around the puff stitches. You have to count a bit and make no mistakes in hooking the last round of the flower. I think the hearts would have been more extend if they were in one color. Now the band of contrasting color distracts from the heart form..

I like the leaves underneath the flower, they make the flower more brilliant. To construct the leaves you have to make a framework with teal. How to do this is already showed in other pieces, although this framework is a bit more difficult and consist of two ch 4 and 1 double dc, all in the same sc and chains between them. The remaining rounds of part 5 are repeating the rounds in earlier pieces.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 4

FF_part 4-2I am half way through the pieces of part 4 of the Frida’s Flowers Cal and I am a bit disappointed. Part 4 is a nice piece, with a flower in the middle and the petals of part 3, but it is also repeating the prior pieces partly. The difficulty of the used stitches is also not high, so although the blanket looks amazing it is not a big challenge to make the grannies. But now we are half way with 4 parts still to come, it is a matter of carry on with the blanket.

FF_part 4-1In part 4, I have used apricot and pomegranate of stylecraft special DK to make the flower. Other used colors are already mentioned in my former post of part 3. I have also made a little change in rounds 10, to fasten the loops of round 9. In round 12 I have also fasten round 9. When I made the original stitches there was a gap and I didn’t like it, so I changed the stitches a bit.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 3

FF_part 3-cI am hooked on part 3 of the Frida’s Flowers Blanket. It is the bird of paradise flower that is central in this piece. I have used some different colors, so is the red more purple, the color pomegranate in Special DK from Stylecraft and the black is replaced by very dark blue, the color midnight from Special DK. Also the yellow yarn is color citron. and the copper round is replaced by the color gold.


In my first piece i had made a terrible mistake in the green round, but It was corrected n the next pieces. Also on the back of the piece weFF_part 3-2re some loose loops from the first black round. I found it easier to hook them together in the yellow and second black round. The piece is not very complicated to crochet. But there are a lot of threads to finish. On the picture I haven’t done it yet, so you see some threads peeping through the gaps.

Greetings Elzeblaadje