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Frog and friends

froggieSome weeks ago I had a crochet flow and made this nice frog together with some mice. Doesn’t he look like Frog from Frog and fiends? But when you kiss a frog with a crown, like this one, you can be surprised by what next happens. Maybe he becomes a prince.

The frog is made from thin cotton yarn, but still 20 cm high. This because of his long legs. I wanted the frog to be a bit natural. The legs have toes, long toes.froggie1

Because of his likeness with the character from frog and Friends, I gave him a nice swimming trouser and because it is already chilly in here, a long red scarf. The crochet flow faded away, other wise I should make all his friends, or I will do it some other time. For now he is on his own.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


frogs and flowers

frogs and flowersCrochet on the table in an old or new lantern, I crocheted a tree frog and a orchid and placed the on a branch of one of mine garden shrubs. The tree frog came from roman-sock, A page full of nice little patterns.

The orchid is my own idea. On the table was a nice flowering orchid and I copied it a bit, The plants are fasten on the branches with small wire. The pattern for the frog included some bright eyes, but I hadn’t these in my stash, so I made the eyes with yarn.

On the bottom of the glass container is froggieanother frog. This one is crocheted wit very small yarn, katia jaipur. The frog turned out to be an nice beast, I made the eyes this time with some wooden orange beads. She turned out to be a rather nice frog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

About crochet and frogs

kikkersThe last ten days I was very busy with a secret crochet project based upon a pattern by MieksCreaties. Twelve little frogs were made. All slightly different from each other. Each puppet could be put onto a finger. It was a surprise for the children of a youth club and they liked it very much, The pattern, only in dutch is to find here: http://miekscreaties.blogspot.nl/2011/06/kikker.html. Furthermore I think my visitors will be curious about the meza luna wrap. I am still crocheting on the wrap and a blog will soon be made. No other projects have been on my hands, the frogs took all the crocheting time.

Greetings Elzeblaadje