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Sophie’s Universe 4

uitbreiding SULast weeks my Sophie’s Universe was hidden in the closet for a while. I had no idea how to go on with the blanket. Should I make the squares of part 19, Jack an Lydia or should I make my own contribution  to the blanket. My head was empty, my hands still. I used the time to make a shawl and to go on with part 4 of the Lily Pond Cal. Furthermore the family also needed some attention. But all came round. After browsing many websites and books, I came upon crocheting a strip of bobble stitches as first band of the extended Sophie’s Universe. Making the bobbles it occurred to me that I had to stay in the garden with Sophie. Behind the gate there are the wild things like trees and mushrooms, slugs and beetles and so on. So I made a drawing of the new rounds and the mushroom central in it. It was just what I needed to go on and so in a few days I made my band with mushrooms and baby-mushrooms. So now my garden is extended with the wild woods. The bobbles turned out to be berries. What will come next, I don’t know on the moment. I am thinking of dragonflies, beetles and snails.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje



frogIt was a bit quiet around here, but I am still working with yarn and hook. My working pc was down. This weekend the pc was repaired, Luckily everything went well and the pc is working again. Tomorrow I will sort my pictures and documents and I will write something about the projects of the past weeks. Not much has happened, because we had to renew the garden a bit. In this process I made many cups of tea and coffee. But now it is almost done, some edges still must be repaired, some borders leveled and some plants planted. Butt we have to wait for better weather. So now I can concentrate on my crafting for a while.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Fairy ring

fairyringLast days, i was busy with the fairy ring. 6 Mushrooms had to be made and they had te be very small. It was a challenge, making such small mushrooms. Each one is also different from the other, some are flat, some are hollow, some are thick, some have a nice cap. On the photo the sixth is missing, it was still on the table and in progress, but now the ring is complete. It was also a challenge how the ornament would fit in the meadow. Each time they flipped to al sides, but thanks to Ellen I found a way.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Fairy in the garden

Garden butterflySometimes you make a photograph, strange and weird. You can not believe it is what it is, a common butterfly or a fairy. Who can tell the difference. Is it a lucky shot or was there really a fairy dancing on the flowers of the catmint. The butterfly can inspire me te make with cotton yarn a  beautiful fairy for the fairy garden.

greetings, Elzeblaadje