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Fairy Pattern version 2

l-elfje 2I have updated the Fairy pattern. Version 2.1 is now available on my blog.  The update contains the fairy pattern, the making of fairy clothes and the making of gnomes wit the same pattern.

The fairies are crocheted and about 11/12 cm high. They have little hands and feet and special ears. They have also wings. The pattern includes 2 kind of wings, so you can choose or make your own wings. The fairies are mini-dolls, so you can dress them up. Use your own imagination to make a nice dress or outfit.

The gnomes are also crocheted with the fairy pattern. Only they can’t be dressed up or only partly, because the clothes aren’t separately crocheted.

Gnomes and fairies live in Fantasia Land, in a secret valley, where a big enchanted tree protects the fairies and gnomes from discovery. Make your own Fantasia land and crochet all kinds of creatures and beings, that dwell in your secret garden. The pattern of the tree will also soon be available. The pattern of the fairy is to be found in the pattern section of my blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Dutch pattern of a fairy

k-elfjeI have translated my fairy pattern into dutch and published it on https://elzeboom.wordpress.com/

Soon I will also update the English pattern in a more extended version,

The pattern can be used to crochet Fairies and gnomes. They are 12 cm high and have cute little hands and feet. They have also fairy ears and wings. Crochet them with a thin hook and make them so small as possible. Make your own dresses and hair. Just use your own imagination to crate these very little fantasy beings.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Fairy garden finished

Well it is done. The Fairy garden is finished. The fairy has come home and dances with the gnomes  and other creatures in the garden. Although the garden is very small, everybody has found a place. The last to come were the lucky birds, they build a nest in the fairy tree and have an egg to worry about. The next days I will finish my special fairy page and show you some photographs.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


blaadjesFairies, gnomes and trees, they love each other. Leaves are of much use for fairies and gnomes, therefore I crocheted many leaves and turned them in garments for the fairies and gnomes. They love it, and its a cheap mode for my magical friends. I have also used some beads on the clothing of the fairies, but my eyes didn’t likes this action very much, so I banned this. But leaves are easy to crochet and there are many forms to make, Just like flowers. I made them in nice colors, so the fairies and gnomes are camouflaged and no trespasser will notice them.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


gnomeBesides a fairy, I made a little gnome to live in the Fairy Garden. I hope he will manage the tree and flowers and Mushrooms. The little fellow is on the photo without hat. Maybe he gets some different hats and caps.The gnome is based upon the  fairy pattern, only this time  I made the trousers a little wider, and end these instead of feet with little booties. Instead of Fairy ears he has normal big ears.

Greeting Elzeblaadje