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First project of the year

I made the nine squares of the fools in love collection of Polly Plum, and constructed a cushion cover out of it. I am not totally satisfied. I had to do the last rounds all over, they had not all the same amount of stitches, and the green yarn was a bfoolsoflove1it thicker than the other yarn colors, so the square turned out to be a bit larger. I have also a round of dc’s changed into hdc’s for the square had become too large. Maybe with cotton they should have been all a like, In the pattern, I read them on my tablet, I missed a color scheme and a picture by each description. I had a lot of scrolling to do.

>fools of love squares

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Vintage granny tote

In my stash I found a bag with some grannies waiting to be finished. The bag was made by me in the nineties. I don’t kngrannyshopper4ow how many years they have been lying in the bag, but it will be a very long time. In those days I had crocheted 9 granny squares with brown and green cotton. The project was totally forgotten. The squares pattern came from an very old stitch guide: “Mon Tricot 850 stitches and directions”. The guide is still used by me, whenever I want a nice stitch for knitting or crochet.

To revive the project I made an edge with red gold colored Catania cotton around the squares, sewed the squares together and made a pair of handles with dark-brown and gold cotton. The handles were reinforced with some thin rope. I made also a bottom and top. I lined the bag with a bit of cotton fabric and the last granny square was sewed on the lining to make a pocket. grannyshopper1
My vintage granny tote was finished. I Keep it to use as a small shopper.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Lily Pond Cal part 3

Lilypond3JPGIt took some time, because I was busy with the other blanket, but now my third part of the Lily Pond Cal is finished. The four  lily buds are all made and the threads are hidden and cut off. It was a much easier square to make. The flowers are made with hook 4 mm. The square itself is made with hook 3.5 mm, although the first rounds in the original pattern were suggested to make with 4 mm, I choose a smaller hook. It turned out to be nicer and less wobbly. The color Atlantis is used in the last round. I like the effect of it. For the leaves I used first the color meadow alone, but it was a bit boring, so now it is alternated with the color spring green. I already used 1 skein of spring green so I had to order a second skein. Today it arrived, now I can go on with part 4 of the Cal.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Lily Pond Cal part 2

Lpvierk1It took some time, but the last one of the second squares of the Lily Pond Cal is almost ready. The two in the picture I finished them this afternoon. The square is called the tiny lily. The little lily is shining on the leaves and water of the pond.

I like the design very much and during crocheting I wondered how the lily will look in the soft pink color I have in my stash. I am using some different colors then the recommended colors of Stylecraft. I have chosen for the colors greengage and atlantis and waterfall to replace blue and green. And the lily is not cream , but pure white. The dark green on the photo is greengage and the outer edge is crocheted in atlantis. I Think the colors match really good.

I still have to embroider one square and clip all the threads. Then part 2 is finished, It was not a difficult piece to make, but I had a lot of counting to do to get it right. The blue dc’s that protrudes in the leaves has to be exactly above the flower points. Luckily I had only one square that went wrong.

I wished there was one piece with only lily leaves, I often see the lily flower open in a pile of leaves, floating in the middle of a pond. I would like to float my tiny lilies in a pond full of leaves.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Lily pond CAL part 1- update

GS_LP_1Well, my problem is all about tension. So I have made 2 pieces of crochet to find the tension of this project. First I made a simple granny square, counting 28 stitches at the sides, and compared it with my first piece of the blanket, it turned out to be a bit smaller, with an extra row of sc on top, the size was better. The sides are now 15/16 cm and count 28 stitches.


GS_LP_2I also made a square of rows of 28 sc stitches. It turned out to have the same size of the blue square. I am now convinced I can continue with the original patterns for only the water pieces will be a bit too large. The height will be the same as the squares to come. My blanket will in the end be a bit larger.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Flowers in the meadow 2

granniesLots of flower grannies on my table. I am selecting the best places and which flower I have to crochet next. It is a troublesome process.  But the contour’s are molded.  Still a few grannies too go and than sewing and crocheting edges and so. Furthermore there a lots of threads hanging from the grannies, that will cost also a lot of time to finish. There is already much work done. After selecting and crocheting I sew the granny directly to its place. I have to carry through this project, although in my mind I am already dreaming of new things to make. I don’t want to put this projects by my others u.f.o.’s

Greetings Elzeblaadje


bloemenweideMy piece of work grows daily. Here a peep on the project. You can see that  I have already made a multitude of granny;s. I sew them as soon as a row is ready to the basic piece.

My daughter calls it a prison blanket. Because in a television program, she is watching, many a bed is covered by granny’s.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje