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Vintage granny tote

In my stash I found a bag with some grannies waiting to be finished. The bag was made by me in the nineties. I don’t kngrannyshopper4ow how many years they have been lying in the bag, but it will be a very long time. In those days I had crocheted 9 granny squares with brown and green cotton. The project was totally forgotten. The squares pattern came from an very old stitch guide: “Mon Tricot 850 stitches and directions”. The guide is still used by me, whenever I want a nice stitch for knitting or crochet.

To revive the project I made an edge with red gold colored Catania cotton around the squares, sewed the squares together and made a pair of handles with dark-brown and gold cotton. The handles were reinforced with some thin rope. I made also a bottom and top. I lined the bag with a bit of cotton fabric and the last granny square was sewed on the lining to make a pocket. grannyshopper1
My vintage granny tote was finished. I Keep it to use as a small shopper.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje



Granny bag

All grannies of my old project from a long time ago are transformed into a bag, a granny bag. The grannies are crocheted to each other Anabag2and a small border of white and red cotton is crocheted around the grannies. 16 granny squares on each side.

It was the first time I crocheted grannies to each other. Luckily there are some real good blogs and video’s on this subject. I used the zipper method, only I did it wrong, so the zipper came on the backside of my grannies. I discovered this a bit too late to start all over again, so I let it be. The border was made withAnabag4 a relief single crochet stitch or back post single crochet stitch. It gives a nice effect.

With red cotton yarn I made a shoulder handle. It is reinforced with some package cord. The used yarn is SMC catania cotton in many colors.

In the bag I made a lining of red soft cotton fabric. I sewed 2 pockets unto the lining, one with a zipper. The bag is closed also with a zipper.

The bag was a gift to a dear lady friend of mine. She was very content with the bag. Red is her favorite color, so the bag suited her well.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Flowers in the meadow poncho

poncho_edgeBy the end of September, the flower-in-the-meadow poncho was ready.  I started on 1 July, So it took me me 3 months.

I made 80 flower granny squares to form the poncho, I had to wait with blogging till the poncho was arrived by its new owner. By that time something else was on my mind so it took its time. But the poncho is now arrived and enthusiastic received.  I had a lot of little threads to cut off, the last week. It cost me days. Some details. The yarn is SMC Bravo, 8 colors are used. The bottom edge resembles water and is crocheted as a lavender colored clover edge. The bottom granny have also a lavender or blue outer layers that develop in green and darker green layers to resemble the meadows and woods.

The poncho and grannies are inspired by   http://husflit.wordpress.com/

Greetings Elzeblaadje
poncho0 poncho1

Peacock grannies


Now the Mezza luna shawl is finished, I started a new project with very nice colored acrylic yarn. It has the colors of a peacock in it and it reflects the light a bit. I am making granny squares with this yarn. I don’t know what I will make with the grannies. I have only 4 skeins so It can’t be very big or long. Maybe I buy an other yarn to add for the edging or something that goes well with it, like black or purple.  The granny I use comes from  mochi   I have only made the granny square a bit simpler so it is faster to crochet.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Flowers in the meadow

granny_flowerMy newest project is a flowery shawl or wrap. The shawl is constructed of many granny squares. The granny’s look like flowers in a meadow. The granny is a very easy one to crochet. On the picture an example. I have already 23 granny’s and there are more to come. I also sew them right away on the right place in the shawl.

The shawl is a pattern from  http://husflit.wordpress.com/

Greetings Elzeblaadje