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Monster Outfit 2

The monster outfit wasn’t complete without a mask. But there was already a mask in house, the Cthulhu ski-mask I made earlier. So the mask was put into the washing machine, for it was a bit dusty and smelly.

After all the items were made we put the costume together and there was a gap between mask and t-shirt in which a naked neck was visible, so the last item I made was a neck-piece and this was sewed onto the ski-mask. Unfortunately the ordered yarn had a slightly different color green compared to the ski-mask, so I decided to make the neck-piece of a color that matched with the sweater and trouser that would complete the outfit.

The pattern of the Cthulhu mask is in my patterns section of this blog. T

he neck piece is very simple to make. Hook more rounds after the last rounds, increase in every round a few stitches across the round, make a split in the backside and from that point crochet in rows. End with an edge like:

*skip 2 st, 3 dmonstermaskc in the next st, 1 picot, 3 dc into the same st, skip 2 st and 1 sc,* repeat till end of row.

Well my son had a nice Halloween party, the mask was a bit too warm an not handy with eating, but they made nice pictures, I cannot show them, for it is private.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Halloween preparations 4

wings2The wings of the monster outfit I am making has to be a bit like bat wings. So I made some small seams into the wings that look like bones. I started 12 cm of the neck side so a natural shoulder arose. The last thing I did was making a undulated seam in the edge of the wings. Also a little patch was made to connect the wings so they stayed onto their place by wearing.

We tried some reinforcement to make with coated wire, but that was no succes, the wire was to weak.

More about the monster outfit tomorrow, Elzeblaadje


Halloween preparations 3

Well, Halloween is very near now and the costume is almost completed. But I had less time for blogging about it. I showed you my wing pattern and below is a picture of the wings half way down. Doesn’t it look  a bit like  bat wings? They are not. On the neck sides I made a small tunnel through which i pulled a cord. The cord can be fastened in the front. The wings hang a bit around the arms so they flap a bit.

Tomorrow the finishing of the wings, greetings and happy Halloween, Elzeblaadjewings1

Halloween preparations 2

Still a week to go before Halloween. I am very busy with the costume. It is not for myself, but for my son. Halloween parties are more his thing,

This week I was seated behind the sewing machine and made some wings for the costume. I had in my stash a perfect fabric for it. With some help of my son I created a pattern for the wings. In fact it is more a cape with an illusion of wings. The wings will be two separated items and a cord will connect them and also close the cape on the front. There will be a shoulder-pass to sustain the cape and a tunnel will be sewed for the cord in the pass. On the picture the pattern I made. More about the costume in the days to come.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Halloween preparations 1

Well, Halloween is near and I am making a nice costume. The first thing I made was a claw hand. It is a trial. The real thing will be made from some better yarn and a nicer color. I am curious to your preparations and costumes. More over the costume in an other post in the next days.

greetings Elzeblaadjeclawhand1 clawhand2

Orange cap

pumpkinhat._orangeJPGWhat about knitting an orange pumpkin cap this weekend for Halloween? All You need is a skein of orange yarn, like Stylecraft or Bravo and a bit of some  similar green yarn, and needles nr. 4. I wrote the pattern notes already down for you, some time ago, but finished them this Friday. An experienced knitter makes the cap in a few hours.

You can find the notes under projects >> colorful caps >> caps for Halloween

Greetings Elzeblaadje