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In Discworld (a book serie by Terry Pratchett) a pixie folk is living, known as the wee ffeeglemanree man or Feegles. The pictsies, as they are called, are in the books 6 inch long and have a blue colored skin. The blue is a result of many tattoos. They all have orange-red hair. The tattoos identify there clans. They are all male and very strong. They spend their time drinking and fighting and doing things that are forbidden in the world.

I made some amigurumi Feegles and the pattern of the main Feegle man is to be found under pattern and so >> discworld . All other Feegles are variations on the same pattern, just add a round for a longer Feegle or a stitch less in the head rounds for a smaller head. I like to use my imagination to make up the other Feegles and their clothes and attributes. It is more fun  in this way. The Feegles are 10 – 12 cm high (4-5 inch) and made of blue and orange cotton yarn.

I hope you enjoy much the making of Feegles as I did.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Feegle pattern

In the Discfeegle2world series from Terry Pratchett a pixie folk lives that is colored blue and has red or orange hair. It is a wild and mean being that  gives troubles where it comes. I have made some amigurumi from the little folk and  a have also written down the pattern of the basic feegle. With some adjustments you can make you own clan of feegles and Kelda. Look for the pattern in pattern and so >> discworld patterns

Greetings Elzeblaadje



I am fascinated by the feegles of Discworld! So they begun to pop up from my working basket. first a male one, with beard and orange hair, Then a clan-mother, the Kelda, also with orange hair, Then a little baby-feegle and so on. It is lots of fun making them appear. They are a kind of pictsies, very small and very naughty and they are blue. Aren’t they adorable? I like the Feegles very much and I thank my Sister in Law for making me acquainted with these little fellows, I have not made photo’s of them all, so with a little patience, soon I will show the whole family, for now only the Kelda and her brother are shown.


Greetings Elzeblaadjefeegle2