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Racoon shawl

racoon_shawlRemember Mr. Fox? I made another one. This time it turned out to be Mr. Racoon. You can wear him on your shoulder and he will protect your neck against all kinds of evil, mostly cold and rain. I think He is cute. I made him from Katia Alaska, a thick acrylic yarn. Knitted on needles  7 mm and filled with fiberfill. The colors are white, brown and dark brown. You can use the Mr. Fox pattern. Only the ears are knitted in another way.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Orange cap

pumpkinhat._orangeJPGWhat about knitting an orange pumpkin cap this weekend for Halloween? All You need is a skein of orange yarn, like Stylecraft or Bravo and a bit of some  similar green yarn, and needles nr. 4. I wrote the pattern notes already down for you, some time ago, but finished them this Friday. An experienced knitter makes the cap in a few hours.

You can find the notes under projects >> colorful caps >> caps for Halloween

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Knitting and dolls

doll_woolThey are all ready to go to their new homes. The knitted dolls I made these last weeks are dressed and made-up. I did my very best to give them nice clothes and shoes. It feels empty. No knitting needles in my hands and my working table empty and clean. What will I do next. There are many projects waiting. But I am still in the mood to make and knit.

Today I finished the last doll. I made a pair of shoes, glued some hearts and sewed some buttons on the front of the garments. Tomorrow I will en wrap them in nice colorful paper, and Sunday I will bring them to their new owners. I hope they will enjoy it.

Greetings from a sad maker, Elzeblaadje


Nice to knit

knitIt is nice to knit again. I was forgotten how  knitting helps to keep the stress away. It is a peaceful activity and it is also very nice to see the stitches grow and grow till a little garment has formed. For I knit little pieces of clothing for a doll. And I like what I am doing, it gives me lots of inspiration. The doll will  get a whole wardrobe full of little costumes to wear .

Knitting is nice, and it is a challenge to knit each costume and not crochet it. Although I made some parts and pieces in crochet. For some things are better done in crochet and others better in knitting.

I think you are all very curious what keeps me away from crochet, but you have to be patient, there are still a lots of threads to clean away, seams to sew, buttons to sew on and so on. I am also still working on a small but necessary garment piece. And there have to be some shoes or socks. So I hope you don’t mind, I have nothing to show you right now. But I am still working the needles and hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Sometimes the life of a craftster isn’t easy, So the past days were horrible. For the things I wanted to do came out all wrong and twisted. I wished I could forget these days but the result is an awesome doll, that surprisedly came out better than I thought. Maybe i was to focused on an good result, maybe I was tired or maybe I hadn’t my day of luck.

But it set me thinking of dolls and the yarn we use for them. So I ordered some woollies to test a doll pattern and how it shows using different mixes of wool, cotton and acrylic. In the books, most authors and designers work with wool or a mix with wool, but those yarns are in Europe not available or very expensive. I also like to work in cotton. I made nice dolls using cotton. So I think it will be all about what you prefer and not what is the best.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

to knit

breipopjeNot only do I like to make things with the hook, but also with the knitting needles. For now I have a tiny knitting project, that requires my attention. It is a small and simple doll pattern I am testing. The test doll looks alright om the needles, but when the pieces are put together a few things seem not right. at all and I have the pattern to adjust on some points.

A naked doll is not very nice to see , so I have also knitted a small dress, a wig and maybe some other accessories. After the make over it will be a lovely doll to see.

The doll is knitted with Catania Cotton nr 130 and needles 3 mm. The picture is a bit greenish, But gives an idea how the doll will be after finishing.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Sunshine doll

popjeI have a box with surprises. Things I made some years ago. In one of the boxes I found this lovely sunshine child. She is a little Waldorf doll I made some years ago. She has a knitted overall and crocheted shoes. Waldorf dolls are made from natural materials and the filling is pure wool. I had totally forgotten about the doll. Isn’t she a lovely title darling.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje