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Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 7

FF-part7-1All panels of the Frida’s Flowers Cal are now made! I just have finished the 5 hexagons of part 7, Frida’s Bouquet. Now I have to assemble all pieces in a superb blanket. But first I have to eliminate all loose threads of the remaining 10 pieces. this gives lot of work to do.

Part 7 is a mix of all other panels, a little flower on top, leaves, red petals and a background piece, of yellow and white. The flower is the cosmos flower of the first piece. It is just a little flower on top of a bigger flower, surrounded with more yellow and white flowers, the bouquet.

This time there were 5 pieces to make. I made the little flowers in different colors, first lime and soft peach in two flowers and meadow and white in two others and lime and white in the last flower (this will be the centerpiece). The leaves get the same colors as the top flowers. The second row of the leaves was the most difficult to make, counting my stitches wouldn’t help, I always missed one. Only missing a stitch doesn’t matter for the next rounds. I found also the yellow color of round 9 a bit to much yellow. And then  I forgot to make the blue bullion stitches, but I have corrected that later. Only on the pictures they are still absent.FF-part7-4

Taking stock of all the hexagons, I concluded that a few colors were used very minimal, like copper and raspberry. Also I have used only 1,5 skein of midnight. So there is 1,5 skein left for the edging.

If you are going to start the blanket later on, it is a good idea to look into my Ravelry account for the exact length and weight of yarn I used. Maybe you have some leftover yarn that will replace the minimal colors copper and raspberry.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Frida’s Flowers Cal – part 6

FF-part6I am working hard to make all the pieces of the Frida’s Flowers before a certain date. So I am laying all my other projects aside and use all my free time to crochet on the pieces. In a few days I made all the six pieces of part 6, the ring of roses.

First I made one to find out if there are difficulties in the making. But the first rounds in which the flower is crocheted are easy enough.

Then we encounter the bullion stitch, after a bit of exercise I found out the the easiest way to make this stitch is to twiddle the yarn at the base of the needle 4 times and then pulling the yarn through with the thumb on the twirls.

FF-part6-4The second problem is the making of the leaves in 2 colors of green, the first round was going alright, but the second one gives me problems. On the point of the leaf, the hook struggles with the yarn and is difficult to pull through. Also the six stitches after this point were difficult to execute, I always seem to miss one.

The last rounds of the hexagon piece were no problem at all, only I found it easier to fix the leaf point to the last round by not skip the middle stitch but by crocheting the point to this stitch. I hope this will not give me problems by fastening the pieces to each other.

All six pieces are now made, up to part 7.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Small talk shawl

STshawl1The last 2 weeks I made a small talk shawl with some leftover yarn. Luckily I found some skeins in a shop in town to add to my stash so I could finish the shawl. The shawl has a leaf motif and that is why I choose this yarn. It is a bit greenish.

small talk shawl on Ravelry

I had some problems with the edge, it drags a bit and I hadn’t enough yarn to finish the edge in the end. So I pSTshawl2ulled out te last row and decided it was done. I still have the threads to weave in and the shawl to block, but because of the sunny day I  made a nice picture in the garden. See how the shawl fits in to the garden colors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Pumpkin love

halloweenFrom 75 Birds, Butterflies & Little Beasts to Knit & Crochet came this nice Pumpkin pattern. It looks fine on my table and gives already a Halloween atmosphere in the room. The leaves came also from a book, namely 100 lace flowers to crochet. The little books give many nice examples of floral items to crochet. You can use them for many projects or decoration in the house. The little items as leaves and flowers cost not much yarn and also very few time to make. They are ideal for leftover yarn. I cannot miss them in my crochet and knit library.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Blue pouch


This week I was very busy with my crochet. Making a little pouch for my friend inspired me to crochet all kinds of pouches and bags. It is a nice thing to do and not so difficult. This blue and grey pouch with leaves is about 12 cm high. It is a nice thing to hold some dice or ornaments or beads. It is the first I made and I like it. The pattern is very easy. Start wit a magic circle and crochet 6 crochet stitches, increase diffusely each round 6 stitches  till you have a nice circular floor, than stop increasing stitches and go upward. When the expected height is  reached, make some holes, crochet a bit  more rounds and finish with the second color. Put a cord through the holes and your pouch is ready.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Autumn flowers

autumn flowers

My box is full of flowers and autumn  leaves, all crocheted. It is a colorful picture. I am going to sew the flowers and leaves on a bag. But I am still wondering what the best way to do it will be. Will I make a crocheted base or will I sew the object directly unto the bag. The flowers an leaves patterns are all from a book. The resemblance with real flowers and leaves is very natural and good.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


blaadjesFairies, gnomes and trees, they love each other. Leaves are of much use for fairies and gnomes, therefore I crocheted many leaves and turned them in garments for the fairies and gnomes. They love it, and its a cheap mode for my magical friends. I have also used some beads on the clothing of the fairies, but my eyes didn’t likes this action very much, so I banned this. But leaves are easy to crochet and there are many forms to make, Just like flowers. I made them in nice colors, so the fairies and gnomes are camouflaged and no trespasser will notice them.

Greetings Elzeblaadje