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Lily pond blanket – the final touch 2

LP_ready8I am relieved and happy, because the Lily Pond Blanket is finished and the result is better than I hoped for. The last time I blogged I wrote about my frustration with the joining of the squares. But this  is all behind me.

The third row took a lot of time  joining the squares and panels, and when I finished it, my light blue yarn was also diminished to a very small amount. Also the third row and the center part couldn’t be  joined easily, for there was a gap. So with the leftover yarns I made some extra rows around the center part and also around the inner side of row three. I also made in advance the border around  row 3. And then it was time to join the 4 seams between center part and row three. I used meadow this time and it was an easy but time consuming job. To my surprise the blanket turned out to be square and straight, the extra rows did the job and the blanket is formed well.

The last job was clipping the threads of the seams. What was an easy job to do. The blanket will go to my brother and friend and they will hang it on the wall of there workplace. My work is done 🙂

Greetings, ElzeblaadjeLP_ready6


Lily pond blanket – the final touch

I am frustrated! Making the Lily Pond Blanket together is a whole bunch of work. First I discovered that the blue colored yarn meant to crochet the squares together was difficult to see. I have poor eyesight, So I had to switch to another color, but after three lines I found out that the light green color I had chosen, was not sufficient for another line. I had no feeling to frog the lines I already had crocheted, because it took much time to make them. I used therefore an other similar color for the last line, light blue and frogged 1 line and made these also light blue. So the center 9 squares are now divided by two green and two blue lines

I has also used the light blue yarn  for the next square part of the blanket, this includes the panels from part 1 and some flowers. Luckily I found out that my panels were broad enough, I didn’t have to make another row around the center squares, as I feared after finishing these panels. Well the first 9 squares and the second row of the blanket cost me two evenings and also some hours in the day to complete.

The third square row of panels and flowers is  costing even more time. First I had to frog the dark blue lines I already crocheted on the sides of some panels, than I had to make new lines of light blue on the panels sides, that is were I stranded this afternoon. Now I still have to combine the last 8 flowers and the  8 panels and after that is done, to crochet this third part of the blanket and the center part in one piece. And there is still a lot of threads to make invisible and an edge to crochet before the blanket is finished.

In the pictures part 1 and part 2 finished, look at the blue lines 🙂

Have a nice weekend, Elzeblaadje


Lily pond panel 6

The last part of the Lily Pond Cal was part 6, a panel with waves, stripes and also bobble stitches, it is finished. It took more time than estimated, due to the fact that I had to frog a panel, for it was too small. Luckily it was only 7 rows high. After that I did each row simultaneously, on each panel. It turned out to be the end of the color fern/spring green. I have only a small ball left.

I liked the pattern of this panel. It gives a nice structure and it looks like waves of water. On the panel I have also crocheted the sides with teal/petrol. It should now be an easy job to crochet the panels to the squares. But first there are a lot of threads to get rid of. Maybe I block the panels and squares after that or  wait till the blanket is finished and block the whole blanket then. For now I take a break and crochet on another project.

Nice weekend, ElzeblaadjeLPCal_part6

Lily pond flower 8

The fifth flower of the Lily pond Cal is done. Five flowers made this weekend and Monday. I have already started with the panels of part 6, so it all will be come to an end very soon. But the making of the blanket will cost also some hours. I am not sure how many time it will be before the blanket is finishLPpart8_1ed. It all depends on my liking, Friday I found some nice yarn and all I want to do is make a real nice wrap with this new yarn, Only  I have to many projects underway, so i didn’t started a new project, but worked on my other projects.

Flower number 8 is a big one, but rather easy to make. I have done the leaf part again with hook 3.5 mm. The last round is crocheted with Stylecraft special dk greengage, for I am almost out of olive/meadow. It is a soft yarn, but the color resembles the olive/ meadow color. On my Ravelry page you can find more information about used materials.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Lily pond flower 7

A few days ago I completed part 7 of the Lily pond Cal. Part 6, a panel, is for now skipped till the last flower is finished. My yarn box with Cal colors is diminishing very fast and I hope there is  enough yarn left forLPcaldl7-1 the panels. Therefore I am making the flowers first.

This flower wasn’t very difficult. although round 4 could be better. The petals are crocheted in a very small picot. that isn’t very handy. Better is to make first a sc in the first stitch between the picots of round 3, chain 3 or 4, a sc in the next stitch, chain 7 and so on. Much easier and it gives a nice result.

I think the flower looks fabulous but not as spectacular as the previous flower. I am already started with the flowers of part 8. I hope it will be ready this weekend.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

After Sophie’s Universe

grannies3My mind and hands were empty after my  Sophie’s Universe was completed. What to do? How fill the gap? After three months hard labor to craft a design blanket I needed some rest. Well there was the Lily Pond Cal waiting, but I am not so enthusiastic about this Cal as about the Sophie’s Universe blanket. My pen friend Ellen, tried me to cheer up by posting several Cals, but it was not the same. One day I decided it was time to clear my table and make an investigation of all my w.i.p.’s and other stranded projects. So looking through boxes of yarn, counting my stash and sorting my work-projects, I found an old project of grannies. The grannies were finished, even the threads were cleared away, but the grannies were not sewn together and there was not an use for them. Suddenly I liked the idea of making the grannies into some thing, maybe a bag or a cushion cover or something else. And so I started. This time I crocheted the grannies onto each other. It was my first time doing this. It turned out to becoming very nice and beautiful. Now I am struggling to make from the grannies a bag, but that is another story.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Lily Pond Cal part 4

The four panels of the fourth part of the Lily Pond Cal are ready, There is only a lot of threads LPdeel4hanging from the panels, so I am not totally ready with it. The pins and wheels where nice to make, but concentration was needed, because of errors. Regularly I forgot the chain 3 to make and then i had to frog a bit. I learn the pattern always very fast so I don’t need the written pattern only the first time. I also have a tablet where I keep my patterns and can read them, it cost no paper  or printing ink. The wheels are a very old pattern, called the Catherine Wheels,  I am now looking for an opportunity to start with part 5, but first i have to finish the other blanket on my hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje