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Birdies pattern


The pattern of my little friends, the birdies, is now online.  You can find it in the chapter Patterns and so. Enjoy it. Maybe it is nice and in time to make some Christmas decorations using the pattern. I hope you share your pictures.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Birds 2

birds 2 I am very occupied with the little birds. In my yarn shop, I encountered a nice variegated yarn, suitable for a very small hook. I couldn’t resist the yarn and I made my firsts very little bird. My husband dislikes crows, with their black eyes. He thinks the crows are always looking at him. So I made him a little crow to hang on his bicycle. The crow turned out to be a very sweet birdie. On the picture You can see both birds flying together.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Fairy garden meeting


fairygarden ellenYesterday my Sister in law came to visit my family and she could admire my fairy garden and all it inhabitants. But to my surprise she also had her fairy garden with her. So the two of them meet. It was nice to talk about our hobby, and look at what I was making and brewing in my work basket. She also had a little surprise for me, the first little bird from my pattern. It is a very nice birdie.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

fairygarden alice

Twisted robins

I am making robins, these days. I had ordered some new yarn, very soft cotton and much thicker than the yarn I normally use. Because I wanted to make some big robins. But it turned out wrong, the robin became a bit distorted. So I had to adjust the pattern a little bit. Now the pattern is alright and the last robin I made a looks more like a robin than ever. I haven’t made pictures yet, the robins are not totally ready. They miss the beak and eyes and toes. So you have to wait al little longer. I am also making a new zergy, he is also not complete. And al my other projects are waiting to be finished. I keep you informed.

greetings Elzeblaadje

Robin and so

Red Robin

Red Robin

All my robins have flew out to other families. I hope they will enjoy their new homes. There departure was due to a sale in my hometown. They will support a club of voluntary workers. They will use the money to buy and paint some wooden robins, that will lead the way in children’s path in a small forest in our town. I am glad the robins will be enjoyed.

Greetings elzeblaadje

Red robin

birdiesThese little robins came this month out of my basket. They are swinging and singing on the lamp near my cosy chair. I want to sell them, so I have made a lot of these little birds.

The original pattern came from: http://littlegreen.typepad.com/romansock/files/robin.pdf

Butt I have changed the pattern al little bit so they look all nice and fine.

Greeting Elzeblaadje