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Cthulhu handbag 5


Cthulhu Handbag


Cthulhu handbag 4

C-bag3Tara .. The bag is finished. Isn’t Cthulhu the ancient one that rises from the see an awesome creature?  Look at her and see her horrible face. In fact the face is a cover and underneath is her stomach, where you can hide your secret things.

I have written the pattern down for those who want to make also a nice Cthulhu bag. For now you can send me an e-mail when you consider making the bag. The pattern is written in English.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu Handbag 3

cthulhubag_5The handbag with the first tentacles! It gives a nice idea how the handbag will look like when it is finished. I am not satisfied with the eyes, they are to small. I am going to look for some larger beads. The two tentacles in the middle form also a kind of nose, they are crocheted together. In this picture nothing is yet sewed on to the cover. First I have to solve the problem of the handles. How do I make nice handles that fit the bag. I have some ideas but  I don’t know if they are practicable.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu Handbag

bottomAlthough the bag is finished, I am taking you back to the start of the Cthulhu handbag. For the challenge I made this nice piece. It took a few hours to make the bottom. In my mind I saw the ancient God Cthulhu rising from the waters of the sea. It was sunset and the sea colored red, the red of blood and fear, for this God Is an awesome God. Around the God the seawater curls and boils, so I had to make the waves that splash around the God. I made two kind of waves, One three dimensional, with a very simple  crochet pattern and one in jacquard. On the picture you can see the extra rim that I made at the bottom on which the waves are crocheted and the start of the jacquard waves.

To be continued:

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mini Thulhu

cthulhunatural2The pattern of the Cthulhu amigurumi is now in my patterns section. There is also a page about the Cthulhu project in the project section of my blog. I will contribute more in the next days or weeks depending on how much time I have. The amigurumi is called Mini Thulhu.

I hope you enjoy crocheting your own mini Thulhu.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu project

cthuhlu3I am very busy with my Cthulhu project. With some other ladies that like to crochet, we are making Cthulhu items. That can be an household object or an cross-over or something very different, but wit a cthulhu smile on it. It doesn’t matter as long you like your project. First of all, I made a mini Thulhu or an amigurumi cthulhu. Not that these weren’t made already, but more to make us a nice picture for our Cthulhu project page. The next Cthulhu step was something different, something more appealing.  I came up with a handbag!  I made a quick drawing and i liked the idea so much, that I could not wait en began as quick as possible>. But first  I had to gather the yarn. A bag will cost more than one skein for it is a big item. Well that was not a problem, the local shop had just the color green I needed. And so it begun the start of the crazy cthulhu crochet handbag.

To be continued, Elzeblaadje

Mini Cthulhu

cthulhumeetsdragon2The last week, I was working on a mini Cthulhu. Cthulhu is an ancient God in the books and stories op H.P.Lovecraft. This little fellow will protect you if the ancient One arises from the seas, where she is sleeping.  I have the pattern of this little fellow written down and will publish it as soon as I am finished.

Greetings Elzeblaadje