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Halloween preparations 5

The Monster outfit isn’t complete without a claw-hand, so I hooked an new one, with a better color green and red claw-nails. This yarn was better and softer and easier to crochet. I used a hook 4.0 mm and the Yarn is Stylecraft special dk. The claw is easy to hook. Just a couple of hours and it is ready.

Tomorrow more about the Monster outfit, Elzeblaadje


Dragon Scale Shawl

ellensshawl3In December and January I was very busy with a difficult lace knitting project: the Dragon Scale Shawl by Denise Plourde. Not that knitting is difficult, but there was a lot of counting and changing threads to do, so I had to be concentrated whenever I was knitting. First I started on the common needles with a single thread, but after a bit of counting I found out that the common needles wouldn’t work and a single thread would mean multiple stitches on the end and hours of knitting. So I started all over with a double thread of Yarn and a circular needle of 7 mm. I worked from the charts in the pattern and after finishing chart A started with chart B, with I repeated 7 times before ending with chart C. Well It worked out very nice as you can see on the pictures. The shawl measures 1.95 m and is very warm. I needed four weeks of hard knitting before I could finish the shawl. For more details you can visit my ravelry page. The pattern is also o be found on ravelry, you can buy it.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Flowers in the meadow poncho

poncho_edgeBy the end of September, the flower-in-the-meadow poncho was ready.  I started on 1 July, So it took me me 3 months.

I made 80 flower granny squares to form the poncho, I had to wait with blogging till the poncho was arrived by its new owner. By that time something else was on my mind so it took its time. But the poncho is now arrived and enthusiastic received.  I had a lot of little threads to cut off, the last week. It cost me days. Some details. The yarn is SMC Bravo, 8 colors are used. The bottom edge resembles water and is crocheted as a lavender colored clover edge. The bottom granny have also a lavender or blue outer layers that develop in green and darker green layers to resemble the meadows and woods.

The poncho and grannies are inspired by   http://husflit.wordpress.com/

Greetings Elzeblaadje
poncho0 poncho1

A lovely doll 2

popje2I had much time on my hand, so I made two outfit2outfits for the doll with the black hair. The second outfit was also pictured by my niece, The sweater is made in two colors, neon green and baby blue, with brown borders. On the sweater is a word embroidered in silver. with a little heart in stead of the O. The trousers are made from a multicolored yarn. The belt is a bit of brown elastic wit a silver button. Under the sweater is a little white bra. The shoes are crocheted and have little heels. The chain around the neck is also a piece of silver yarn wit a silvery bead. The outfit is almost the same as the drawing, the differences are all due to the fact that not everything is possible in yarn and not everything is in my stash or easy to realize. The yarn I used this time was Catania cotton fine.

My Niece was very surprised by the doll and the clothes. She recognized her drawing immediately. For me It was fun to do.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Gauntlets and more!


It is busy in the crochet and knitting world. This time of year everybody wants hats, caps, shawls, scarfs and mittens and so on. I have also made some of these items and still not blogged about them, because it is very boring for the readers. But now, stimulated by my sister-in-law Ellen, I have made some cool gauntlets. She thinks everybody will love them. So I have written the pattern down and send it to my sil to test it.  Just a few days to wait and maybe it will appear on my blog or ravelry account. Yes I am there also busy. Check it out, my name is also Elzeblaadje.

Greetings Elzeblaadje