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I wish you a fine 2016  with lots to crochet or knit!!

Greetings Elzeblaadjeelzeblaadje2016


Pat and Mat

patenmat2In the previous posts, I introduced Pat and Mat. Now the dolls are ready and can be showed to the public. I have knitted their trousers and sweaters and crocheted the cap and the beret of Pat.

The dolls, measure about 20 cm, one skein of skin colored yarn was enough for both dolls. For the trousers and sweaters some leftover yarn was used. I have also made some shoes, but they are not in this picture. The arms and legs are a bit bendable, but for a young child I should make the arms and legs stiff. The dolls can be dressed in different outfits.

It was a lot of fun to make these two neighbors. Although It took some time to make them ready.

Greetings ,Elzeblaadje

Buurman Pat

pat_headAfter introducing neighbor Mat, it is now time to meet neighbor Pat. He is the other neighbor of the duo Pat & Mat. He and his friend Mat are the handymen from nextdoor. They claim the job you have never time for to do but the job is always more difficult and somethings gets wrong. Pat is always wearing his beret.

It was much fun to make the two neighbors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Buurman Mat

Mat_headWell the cap belonged to neighbor Mat. One of the projects I am working on. There are two neighbors and they work together, doing jobs. They are a bit clumsy and things aren’t going easy on them. You can find ¬†video clips of the two neigbors if you search for Pat & Mat. There slogan is A je to! It is done.

A month or three ago I saw a nice picture of the two clumsy man and I was tempted to make them as dolls. There are already several patterns of the two, but I wasn’t satisfied with those patterns. So I decided to make my own Pat & Mat. Making was done in a few days but then I had some other things going on, so the project became forgotten. Now it is vacation time and I remembered my project. it wasn’t easy to came in the flow again, but I succeeded this time and now the two of them are standing on my table. Mat looks a bit confused, on the photograph. But he is sweet as a bee. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje