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Christmas Elves by Alan Dart

I fell in love with the tree elves of Alan Dart. The tree trimmers of Alan Dart are very small dollies, they will not take many hours to make. It is knitting, but a experienced crocheter will make them also in no time at all just by looking at them. But I like knitting and small pieces don’t make me afraid. so I made two Elves the last weeks.

The making of the elves from the little pieces is a bit complex. I had problems with the mattress stitch, because the pieces are so little. But you can use other stitches as well. The used yarn is Phildar pronostic + and some small amounts of Scheepjes invicta and a little bit of golden yarn. The elves are knitted on needles 3.0 mm. The elves are about 20 cm high.

Because it is Christmas Time, I decorated the Elves with golden yarn. Furthermore I put some pipe cleaners in arms and legs and now they can sit and climb up and down the tree branches of my christmas tree.

Maybe I make some more tree climbers, Elzeblaadje


Peacock tail bag Cal – part 1

bagLB_peacock1In between my other projects I decided to take the challenge to make the peacock tail bag. The bag is a Mini Cal designed by Lilla Bjorn and hosted on her website http://www.lillabjorncrochet.com/ . There you can find all information and all parts of this Cal. I decided also to make the bag from colors  and yarns in my stash. I have an enormous stash of SMC Catania cotton, and most colors were available in my yarn box, only one color was missing but that was found in another box with cotton of lesser quality.

Because the pattern of the bag is available in many languages, I decided to use the written dutch translation. I am not so in favor of video watching. The dutch version is translated by  Jolanda, Naomi en Yaël .

This first part was an easy one, only circle rounds and a few frontpost stitches in the last round. The bag is crocheted in both loops. This will give more solidity to the bag.You also start with the back of the bag, in which no fancy stitches are used. The instructions were easy to follow, but there were a lot of spaces missing, so you had to read the text very carefully. I miscounted the first rounds and had to do these over. By the backside I got a problem with the tension, so i think i will frog a round and do this one all over. On the picture you can see that the back is slightly smaller and a bit wobbly. In he last round the upper side of the bag is constructed by making 13 single crochet stitches. This round is also the basic round for all the overlay stitches, therefore count carefully the stitches before starting with part 2. Be sure you have the right amount of stitches in both panels.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Book cover pattern

The pattern of the book cover I made for my art-journal is written and uploaded to my blog. It is also available in dutch. It is an easy pattern. The yarn I used is Katia Jaipur, a very thin yarn, with many color changes. You need not much yarn, just a skein or for a very small book half a skein.

The pattern is to be found here >> book-cover-pattern

The dutch pattern is available on >> Elzeboom

boekjesomslag3a boekjesomslag1a

Fairy Pattern version 2

l-elfje 2I have updated the Fairy pattern. Version 2.1 is now available on my blog.  The update contains the fairy pattern, the making of fairy clothes and the making of gnomes wit the same pattern.

The fairies are crocheted and about 11/12 cm high. They have little hands and feet and special ears. They have also wings. The pattern includes 2 kind of wings, so you can choose or make your own wings. The fairies are mini-dolls, so you can dress them up. Use your own imagination to make a nice dress or outfit.

The gnomes are also crocheted with the fairy pattern. Only they can’t be dressed up or only partly, because the clothes aren’t separately crocheted.

Gnomes and fairies live in Fantasia Land, in a secret valley, where a big enchanted tree protects the fairies and gnomes from discovery. Make your own Fantasia land and crochet all kinds of creatures and beings, that dwell in your secret garden. The pattern of the tree will also soon be available. The pattern of the fairy is to be found in the pattern section of my blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Dutch pattern of a fairy

k-elfjeI have translated my fairy pattern into dutch and published it on https://elzeboom.wordpress.com/

Soon I will also update the English pattern in a more extended version,

The pattern can be used to crochet Fairies and gnomes. They are 12 cm high and have cute little hands and feet. They have also fairy ears and wings. Crochet them with a thin hook and make them so small as possible. Make your own dresses and hair. Just use your own imagination to crate these very little fantasy beings.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




White blossom Fairy

k-elfjeIsn’t she pretty, the white blossom fairy. I made her a dress and a jacket of blossom leaves, with a golden border. The jacket has a gap, where the wings will be positioned, but they hasn’t grown yet from my hook. The dress is made from Catania fine cotton with hook 2.0 mm. The hair is some left over wool-acrylmix. The little fairy can be made to fly into the Christmas tree and she will watch over it.

I found a few points where I can improve the pattern a little bit. But for now the fairy pattern is free and in the pattern section of my blog, The improved pattern will soon be uploaded.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

New fairy

elfjeI am busy rewriting the fairy pattern. It occurred to me that some part were not very clear, so I decided to make a new fairy. It will also be a present. It took me some hours to make all the parts, But I learned a lot following my own pattern. I will write first the fairy pattern in dutch and then rewrite the English pattern.
I am now busy with the hairs and dress of this new fairy, maybe it will become a Christmas fairy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje