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Busy, Busy

hoodieI am busy with hooking and knitting projects, but there isn’t a thing yet to show. I am also full with ideas and discovered the making of Art-Journals, which keeps me enthralled. (for my blog about my art-journal visit life of alice) So I can’t tell or show something new, but I can still write a post about some things that I made in 2015.

In the autumn I made some hoodies, nothing spectacular, just what knitting and playing with yarn and needles. More people made hoodies. It was rather popular on Facebook and Pinterest. knithoodieMost of the hoodies are very simple, just a right piece of knitted cloth sewed together. To make them adorable some ears are sewed onto the head part. It looks nice on children, but do you want to walk around in a shopping mall looking like an animal?

On Elzeboom , my dutch site, I wrote how you can make your own green hoodie. Maybe one day, I will translate the description of the hoodie(s) into English or you can use google translate 🙂 for the green one.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




I am busy

mutsje_matThe last days I am very busy with the hook 🙂

Not everything is already complete, so you have to wait a little bit. But on the picture you see a peep of one of the projects I am busy with. Most of the little pieces are crocheted now, so I can sew them together and than I have to make some clothes for the little fellows, for now they are very nude.

Also the flower granny’s have to be crocheted. and therefore I need some days more. Twenty granny’s to go, I suppose, that will be certainly a week of hard working . I have also ordered some more skeins and colorful yarns, that will be delivered soon. I hope it will turn out nice, but for now you have to guess what I am making, Ellen is excluded for she has seen my project already.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu project

cthuhlu3I am very busy with my Cthulhu project. With some other ladies that like to crochet, we are making Cthulhu items. That can be an household object or an cross-over or something very different, but wit a cthulhu smile on it. It doesn’t matter as long you like your project. First of all, I made a mini Thulhu or an amigurumi cthulhu. Not that these weren’t made already, but more to make us a nice picture for our Cthulhu project page. The next Cthulhu step was something different, something more appealing.  I came up with a handbag!  I made a quick drawing and i liked the idea so much, that I could not wait en began as quick as possible>. But first  I had to gather the yarn. A bag will cost more than one skein for it is a big item. Well that was not a problem, the local shop had just the color green I needed. And so it begun the start of the crazy cthulhu crochet handbag.

To be continued, Elzeblaadje


done Well that is a lot of robins om my table. It is a charity project, they will be used for give-a-way by a large donation. The money goes to a nature walk in holland. I hope the donations will be very large. Now it is done I can work on other projects and U.F.O.s.
Greetings Elzeblaadje

Yarn for my project

wool Saturday I did some shopping in the mall and I visited the Yarn shop. In the sale I found some wonderful yarns suited for my project. Now I have to finish some other projects, otherwise I haven’t time enough for the new project.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

New project

Today I have bought a square container for a new project with starts on 17 Juli. The container is 21 cm from side to side and big enough to contain some crocheted items. It is in fact a wooden box and mended to contain candles, but it is also fitted for my crochet project. It will be my contribution to the CAL of Treblemaking hookers Tomorrow I will post a picture of my wooden candle box, still empty.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Yesterday a big pack of yarn arrived. It is always welcome and itching, for I want to do something with the yarn. Oh I have so many ideas, it is overwhelming, but also so many works in progress or unfinished objects and I don’t know were to start. Will I do this first or maybe some thing else. or start a new project. Fragmentation I call it and it makes me restless, for I want to many things and have only time for one project only. Yesterday I saw a cute little gnome and I wanted to make it, but I have to withhold myself and restrict myself to the projects on my work table and that readers are already more projects than I can manage.

Greetings Elzeblaadje