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Dragon Scale Shawl

ellensshawl3In December and January I was very busy with a difficult lace knitting project: the Dragon Scale Shawl by Denise Plourde. Not that knitting is difficult, but there was a lot of counting and changing threads to do, so I had to be concentrated whenever I was knitting. First I started on the common needles with a single thread, but after a bit of counting I found out that the common needles wouldn’t work and a single thread would mean multiple stitches on the end and hours of knitting. So I started all over with a double thread of Yarn and a circular needle of 7 mm. I worked from the charts in the pattern and after finishing chart A started with chart B, with I repeated 7 times before ending with chart C. Well It worked out very nice as you can see on the pictures. The shawl measures 1.95 m and is very warm. I needed four weeks of hard knitting before I could finish the shawl. For more details you can visit my ravelry page. The pattern is also o be found on ravelry, you can buy it.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



A crafty new Year

muts_skulls2Tonight is the last evening of 2014. Tomorrow a new crafty year will start, So what is on my hooks and needles this evening. First I have to make a cover for our new tablet. So my hook is busy making crochet stitches in a few nice colors of SMC Catania. I am not sure what will come out, but it is nice crocheting again.

On my knitting needles is a shawl for my Sister in law. She wanted a Dragon scale shawl and I am half way down, but it is very slow going on the moment. Lot of stitches, counting and I found out that my technique for knitting on the circular needles is not sufficient. I am having difficulty to purl. My hands won’t do what they have to do.

DSShawlFurthermore their are some U.F.O’s and W.I.P’s on the table, but they have been put away till the new year starts.

The last year I had some 4400 hits and the most popular item was the skull cap.

Have a fine Night and see you in the new year again, Elzeblaadje

Racoon shawl

racoon_shawlRemember Mr. Fox? I made another one. This time it turned out to be Mr. Racoon. You can wear him on your shoulder and he will protect your neck against all kinds of evil, mostly cold and rain. I think He is cute. I made him from Katia Alaska, a thick acrylic yarn. Knitted on needles  7 mm and filled with fiberfill. The colors are white, brown and dark brown. You can use the Mr. Fox pattern. Only the ears are knitted in another way.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mezzaluna shawl 3

mezzalunashawl3Writing does it. After my last post I went looking for the Mezzaluna shawl and I saw that it needed not much to finish, so why not doing it right away. So now I proudly present my version of the Mezzaluna shawl or wrap. It is made with red sparkling yarn from a discount shop in town. The yarn is very vulnerable. It is red acrylic with a thin metal thread. The sparkling is not visible on the pictures I made, but it gives the wrap a luxury touch. I think it will be very nice to wear around Christmas time.

The pattern is to be find on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mezzaluna-crescent-moon-wrap

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mezzaluna shawl 2

mezalunashawl1How about my mezzaluna shawl?  Still not ready and waiting in a bag to finish. I have a picture of the shawl from a month of so ago. You can see it turned out to be better than I thought, But it stays complicated, I am planning to finish the last rounds soon. Also I have to crochet the bubble edge. But for now it stays in its bag.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Flowers in the meadow

granny_flowerMy newest project is a flowery shawl or wrap. The shawl is constructed of many granny squares. The granny’s look like flowers in a meadow. The granny is a very easy one to crochet. On the picture an example. I have already 23 granny’s and there are more to come. I also sew them right away on the right place in the shawl.

The shawl is a pattern from  http://husflit.wordpress.com/

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mezzaluna shawl

mlunashawlJPGMy newest project is the mezzaluna wrap. But it is not going very well. First I didn’t understand the pattern and made many a mistake. Second. my hook was to small and the wrap became very tight an so I decided to pull out my work. Third, the yarn became knotted and it was terrible to unravel the knot. So I started all over again with a bigger hook, but now i find my work to small, I am on row 14 and it counts only 18 rows and it it to small to wrap around my neck. I am thinking again to undo my work and start over with a different yarn, but I dislike such things very much for I have already so many hours crocheted on the wrap. The shawl looked very nice on the pictures, but I am very disappointed.

Greetings Elzeblaadje