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Making skull shawls

LSskullshawl2I think skull shawls are very popular items this time of year. Lots of crafters are making them. I made already five, although I haven’t blogged about all of them. The design I like most is the lost souls shawl of Maryetta Roy to be found on Ravelry as free download >>Lost souls shawl by Maryetta Roy. (also in dutch), The other one is from a Swedish designer and is to be found here >> Skull shawl by kungen och majkis

skullshawlfinishedI made a red lost soul shawl, a multicolored green-blue one, and a greenish one. The other two are the kungen och majkis shawl or based upon the pattern. They are all lovely shawls.  The shawls Inspired me to make also hats, cowls and wristies and more other shawls or winter objects. From some there is a pattern from others not, but with some adjustments you can make your own skull fantasy outfit in every color you want. It is all written down in the pattern section of my blog, see the menu above this post.

The shawl I found  the best is the greenish one, made from stylecraft special dk with color greengage. It was very beautiful and also best crocheted. I made it in 8 days. From the leftover yarn I made also the gauntlets and the slouch hat, so it became a real nice outfit. I needed 3,5 skeins or 350 grams for the whole shawl or about 1050 meter yarn. There is no need of a border around the shawl, But you have to make the ending strong, for the most power is on the shoulder part of the shawl, so I made some extra rows. The shawl is made from bottom to the top, so you start very easy and swift but on the end it becomes more and more work to bring it to a good ending. You can make the shawl as large as you like it and use every yarn you are attracted to. It is fun making the shawls so I hope very many creative beings will make them.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Lost souls shawl 2


Yesterday, I finished my second Lost Souls shawl. This shawl is designed by Maryetta Roy. I crocheted the shawl in two weeks. It measures 1,75 cm from the left to the right point of the triangle and the last row counted 12 skulls. I used the dutch version of the pattern and it occurred that there is a minor mistake in the pattern description. An update will be soon available. Now my skulls are more tight then is preferable.  I think the mistake will not have consequences, the shawl will be more compact and warmer in this way. Tomorrow I have to block the shawl, after it is done I make a nice picture of the whole shawl.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cap with skulls pattern


The pattern of the cap with skulls is posted on the website. I hope everybody will like it and make her own cap or Helmet. Mine cap turned out to be a nice little thing. On the cap I made three skulls, less is possible. I think that cap and gauntlets together will be a nice combination. The pattern is free and  posted in pattern and so!

Greetings Elzeblaadje



The Skull Gauntlets are regularly downloaded. Some visitors made them also and put a link to my ravelry account. I am very pleased with it.


I had made also some nice pairs, but they were all be given away. So this weekend I made a pair for myself. it goes bye the Skull shawl,  made this summer.  I got also an idea to make a cap. That is my new project and much more complicated than I had in mind, the first cap or helmet is already made, But I haven’t even started writing so there is much work to be done.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Skull shawl ready

skullshawl The skull shawl is ready. I am very proud of it. The shawl is very big and warm. I still have to finish it with a nice edge or border, something nice and cool and edgy. Maybe shark teeth or something that looks like teeth.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Skull shawl Well, my terrarium is on his way and looking good, later more over this project. But meanwhile I am crocheting something completely different. Namely a skullshawl. I like to do some easy crocheting while I watch tv and so, and Ellen my sister-in-law attended my on the skull shawl. So now I am crocheting skulls. But it is a difficult pattern, Ik have already started three times over again. And I have made somewhere a big mistake. But that doesn’t matter, it is nice to do. On the picture my first attempt.

Greetings Elzeblaadje