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Lost souls skull shawl on video

Made by Jonna Martinez a video tutorial of the lost soul shawl is now available. There are 3 video’s. Part 1 shows you how to do row 1 – 16.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Skulls and shawls

In two dsjaaltjeays I made this lovely shawl for my daughter. The shawl was crocheted with Katia Jaipur 201, a very nice yarn. I used hook 2.0 mm, a bit thicker, than the recommended 1,5 mm. In the shawl I crocheted 2 skulls. Can you see them on the photograph? The pattern used to crochet the shawl is the same as in the other skull garments I made and it is an easy pattern. The only difficult thing is the skull itself. One skein was just enough to make the shawl. It is a nice summer-shawl and it was joyful to crochet.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Skull caps and so

skulmutsThe crocheted skull cap on my blog is very popular. There are many hits and downloads. Mostly people find my pattern on Ravelry. Only I don’t know of the cap is really made and wear. Therefore I would ask you down-loaders, if you want to send me a picture or post it on Ravelry in the projects section if you have made the cap. I am very curious if adding a free pattern is appreciated.

A few weeks ago I could lend a porcelain head, so now I can take a much better picture of the skull caps and of the caps and hats in my stash. Doesn’t it looks fine? Soon  more pictures of hats and caps.

Greetings Elzeblaadje.

Skull Gauntlets in green

groene skull gauntletsNow winter is coming, a pair of skull gauntlets will be fine to wear. I have already made several pairs. This green pair is made for my little sister, who wants to wear them by her black winter coat with some  thin gloves underneath.

Making the gauntlets is easy doing and cost only some hours. 50 grams Yarn is mostly sufficient, although it can be less. This pair I made with hook 3.5 and I crocheted a row of shells more, so the gauntlets are a bit wider.

The yarn is Acrylic Stylecraft DK extra, a mix of green, light green and dark green colors. I think they are lovely, and the skulls well visible.

The pattern can be found under pattern and so!

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Lost souls shawl 2


Yesterday, I finished my second Lost Souls shawl. This shawl is designed by Maryetta Roy. I crocheted the shawl in two weeks. It measures 1,75 cm from the left to the right point of the triangle and the last row counted 12 skulls. I used the dutch version of the pattern and it occurred that there is a minor mistake in the pattern description. An update will be soon available. Now my skulls are more tight then is preferable.  I think the mistake will not have consequences, the shawl will be more compact and warmer in this way. Tomorrow I have to block the shawl, after it is done I make a nice picture of the whole shawl.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cap with skulls

skullcapYesterday I finally posted my cap with skulls pattern on Ravelry, Soon it will be winter and Halloween and than a cap will be nice to have. The pattern is based upon the lost souls  skull shawl from Maryetta Roy. The cap is made in the same manner as the skull gauntlets. So with cap, mittens and shawl you are ready for Halloween and wintertime. The Skull gauntlets are very nice in the cold season when you are typing on your computer. I have made several pair and given them to sister, niece and daughter, and all were happy with them. Crocheting cost you an evening or two hours and all kinds of yarn can be used. I made them from merino and they were extremely warn and comfortable. The cap is also fast to crochet. Don’t crochet the pitch chain to tight and all will go well. The patterns are in the pattern section of the website, see the menu above this post.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Helmet or cap


While making the last pair of Gauntlets, I got an idea to make also a cap with skulls. But it turned out to be more a helmet, for the yarn I used was not quit suited for the cap. But It is well so nice on a picture, because the skull is good visible. I have written the pattern down and soon will publish it on the blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje