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Mushrooms and Toadstools

SU1Did you loved my autumn cardigan with the toadstools? I have put the pattern of the toadstools online You can find the pattern here >>>> Toadstool Pattern page.

The pattern was designed for the extended parts of my Sophie’s Universe Blanket. The band is crocheted in rows, so it is suitable to incorporate in a cardigan or sweater.

An other band I designed is the butterfly band. You can find the pattern here >>>> Butterfly Band pattern page

I hope many sweaters and cardigans will be made with butterflies, mushrooms and toadstools this autumn.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Sneak preview

While waiting on the start of some CALs, I have started making a gardencrochet1small blanket, with my left overs of the Sophie’s Universe and some similar yarn. It is not a secret project, but it is not yet complete. I think I am half way. I will reveal a bit when I think it is ready to show. The theme of the blanket is: the small secret garden. I am using some bands from the Sophie’s Universe and some bands I make myself. Central in the blanket is the pond. On the picture you see a little bit of the pond and the first flowers along the ponds edge. There will be more flowers to come. I want also a row of trees or something similar around the garden.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


My best project of the year

My best project of the year is the Sophie’s universe CAL. It was fun to do although it cost a few months to crochet the blanket. The original design came from look at what i made. But I was inspired to make some parts with my own design. There is still one design I haven’t finished yet to write down. The part with the toadstools and leaves. I hope in the new year to find time to finish all my designs.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

After Sophie’s Universe 3

The Cal is finished, but all over the world people are still starting making the Sophie. For all those people I write this blog.

The Sophie’s Universe is a nice project to do, but it cost a lot of time. I started in march and finished it in June 2015. That is totally 4 months work. The begin is very fast but the end is slow and time consuming, but it is nice to do, cause all the different and wonderful stitches. So don’t let time keep you away from making a Sophie.

Choose Your own colors and make an unique Sophie. sign in to Ravelry or Pinterest and view other Sophie’s and color-schemes. The details of mine Sophie are to find on my Ravelry page. You can use all kinds of yarns and colors. Just start it going one day.

The instructions are clear and come from http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/ . On the site you find links to the pattern in other languages, video-tutorials and other stuff, you will need. Don’t print the instructions but use a tablet, phone, laptop or p.c. to read or view the instructions. Printing cost a lot of paper and ink. Memorize the instructions and don’t forget to count your stitches. There is a lot of counting to do 🙂

I made some contributions to the Sophie I made. I have already placed the Butterfly Band and E.E.E. Border in my pattern section ! There is also the extended part of my Sophie, I hope to finish it soon and place the pattern online.

I wish you a lot of success with the making of the Sophie’s Úniverse, Elzeblaadje


Elzeblaadjes Elegant Edge

EEedge1SU_fin3Making the Sophie’s Universe, I designed a few parts my self. There was the alternative Butterfly Band, with more bobbly butterflies. Furthermore I made on two sides of the S.U. an extended part with mushrooms, leaves and flowers and there was the E.E.E. or Elzeblaadjes Elegant Edge, made as 1000 stitches border. The last one is now online as kind of pattern. It is more a description of the border and the stitches and colors I used. It is mend to be a inspirational document, for every one makes it own border or uses the B.B.B. I suppose.

For more details and the pattern see my page about the E.E.E.

Much fun Elzeblaadje

After Sophie’s Universe 2

I am a little bit behind with posting, The Sophie’s Universe is ready. I have washed it and put it on my bed. ItSU_fin3 sleeps wonderful warm. But there are 2 parts of the Sophie I wanted to write about. In the picture you can see both parts. First the extension of the Sophie and second the border.

Th extension of the Sophie was made because I didn’t wanted to make more grannies. I have so many granny projects on my hands now a day that another would be too much, so I made an extension of my own for the Sophie. My first idea was, the Sophie is a garden and the diamond band is the framing of the garden, behind the frame there is the wild forest and woodlands and in my extensions I wanted that to symbolize. If you go beyond the gate, you find the woods, with berry plants, with toadstools and mushrooms, you find the leaves of the trees and the wild flowers. It all goes wild  in the end.

In the borer you find a wall of blue stones, more wild flowers, blue skies and little plants, and in the end the horizon of an setting sun. And so my Sophie’s Universe voyage has almost ended. Almost because I will write the border and extension in a pattern, just like the butterfly band.

I hope you all enjoyed my voyage into the wild beyond the Sophie’s Universe, Elzeblaadje

After Sophie’s Universe

grannies3My mind and hands were empty after my  Sophie’s Universe was completed. What to do? How fill the gap? After three months hard labor to craft a design blanket I needed some rest. Well there was the Lily Pond Cal waiting, but I am not so enthusiastic about this Cal as about the Sophie’s Universe blanket. My pen friend Ellen, tried me to cheer up by posting several Cals, but it was not the same. One day I decided it was time to clear my table and make an investigation of all my w.i.p.’s and other stranded projects. So looking through boxes of yarn, counting my stash and sorting my work-projects, I found an old project of grannies. The grannies were finished, even the threads were cleared away, but the grannies were not sewn together and there was not an use for them. Suddenly I liked the idea of making the grannies into some thing, maybe a bag or a cushion cover or something else. And so I started. This time I crocheted the grannies onto each other. It was my first time doing this. It turned out to becoming very nice and beautiful. Now I am struggling to make from the grannies a bag, but that is another story.

Greetings Elzeblaadje