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Starcraft 2 Overlord pattern online

0verlord10Well it is done. It took some time, but now the Overlord pattern is ready and posted on my blog. For those waiting it will be nice news. I am looking forward to lots of Overlords floating above all kinds of gaming pc’s.

Look in the pattern section of my blog to find the Overlord pattern. It is a free pattern and a challenge to make your own Overlord.

Enjoy it, Elzeblaadje


Baneling crochet pattern online


The Baneling crochet pattern is online. Look under Starcraft patterns to find it. It is easy to make. Just a few hours crocheting and sewing and the Baneling amigurumi is completed and ready to play with. It is also safe for kids, if you instead of beads, make some sewed eyes. No chenille is used or other small objects. Beware of the legs, place them carefully otherwise the Baneling will tumble. No need to put something in the Banelings head or body if you make the legs right and place them on the right places. Bend them a little bit to the green vesicle to adjust his balance. I hope many Banelings will be made. Show me your pictures.

Have fun, Elzeblaadje


baneling The second Baneling was much better. It looked more like the pictures than the first one. I had also written the pattern down, so it can be made by others. Soon I will put the description on this site.



The third Baneling was even more awesome, A very big bright green neon vesicle! But this time I doesn’t write the description down, partly because of stressful times and partly because of my birthday. It is made in an other way, the body consists of two parts, a balloon resembling the green vesicle and a body part, with gaps in it, but it was a bit too small to fit nicely. Maybe when I have time I will make a better beast.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

First attempt to make a Baneling


Making amigurumi is an art. This is my first attempt to make a Baneling. A Baneling is a figurine from the game Starcraft. The first one I made is not so bad as it looks, He is a bit small for an exploding ant. But he looks alright to me. But i am no gamer, so I am also no expert on gaming figurines. My source are some terrible pictures of the being. By looking carefully I make a picture in my head that I models to an amigurumi. But some details are not always easy to make. The big green Balloons are poison sacs. The Baneling got several of them and one very big sac on the end of his body. It will explode in the vicinity of an enemy. I have written the pattern down, so you can make also a baneling, but before putting it onto my blog I made a second Baneling, that one looks much better.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Starcraft Overlord backside

overlord backsideMuch traffic from all over the world for the post about the Starcraft 2 Overlord. But no comments of whatever, so I think nobody knows exact what a challenge making the overlord was. But hookers and other visitors it was quit some doing before the creature came to amigurumi life.

The overlord is about 15 cm high and floating. Standing is not possible, The limbs are bendable arms, they are suited for picking, and in the game they pick zerglings and other stuff. The first pair is very big and awesome, with terrible spikes and so. I show you a picture of the backside with the tail.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Starcraft Overlord



Tarara ….. There he is, my starcraft overlord with spikes and bendable arms. It was fun to make this creature. I had to puzzle a lot. How many arms and limbs has the fellow, how does I make the body so that it is the same on both sides. Has the creature a mouth or not. Lots of questions. I didn’t always find the answers. Luckily there are al kinds of pictures to find. Not always clear or distinct, but al crocheting a creature was born and I like him or her very much. I hope you do too.

Greetings Elzeblaadje