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Baby sweaters

I was last year very inspired with the knittings of Katie Jones and wanted to make something similar, just for fun. So I knitted a few baby sweaters in multiple colors, with all kinds of stitches like cables, moss stitch, holes, bobbles and ridges. The bobble stitches are of my own making and easy to knit.

baby sweater a la Katie Jones
Baby sweater 1 front

The used yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a very soft acrylic yarn. The most used colors were salmon (Lelystad), white (Weert), light green (Almelo), dark red (Meppel) and lavender (Heerlen).

Each sweater had a different front and back, for babies are mostly lying down or sitting, so the back needs also a nice image to see.

baby sweater a la katie jones
Baby sweater 1 back

I made three sweaters for the age of half a year or size 68. In this post you see them all. But due to other projects, baby sweater 1 was the last one to finish. The closure is mostly on the shoulders so you can also choose which side will be on front or back

Baby sweater 2 and 3 are shown beneath this post. They are all very nice to see and warm to wear.

I hope the babies and mums that receive the sweaters are very pleased. Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Baby mix

I was inspired with the knittings of katie Jones and wanted to make something similar, just for fun. So I knitted this small baby sweater in four colors, with cables, moss stitch, holes, bobbles and ridges. On the back came in the middle a nice looking bunch of flowers.

The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a very soft acrylic yarn. The colors where salmon, white, light green and lavender.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Baby cardigan

baby_sweaterJust a simple baby sweater. I made it last year for a very sweet boy in the family. I have used only blue  colors and white. The yarn is cotton and the technique is knitting in stocking stitch. Very simple and very easy to make. The front and the back are knitted in a square and the buttons are on a shoulder. I like to knit between the crochet, because it relaxes me and a straightforward piece is easy to combine with watching the telly.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Polarbear sweater

In december I made this nice sweater as a present for a very little boy. It is size 1 year and is knitted with 2 colors Stylecraft Special DK , waterfall and white. On the front size i also knitted two polar bears. I like to knit and alternate it with a crochet project. Such a little sweater is a fun project to make. The pattern’s size can be found on the Jessica Tromp website. The closure is on one of the shoulders.polarbearsweater2

Greetings Elzeblaadje

A lovely doll 2

popje2I had much time on my hand, so I made two outfit2outfits for the doll with the black hair. The second outfit was also pictured by my niece, The sweater is made in two colors, neon green and baby blue, with brown borders. On the sweater is a word embroidered in silver. with a little heart in stead of the O. The trousers are made from a multicolored yarn. The belt is a bit of brown elastic wit a silver button. Under the sweater is a little white bra. The shoes are crocheted and have little heels. The chain around the neck is also a piece of silver yarn wit a silvery bead. The outfit is almost the same as the drawing, the differences are all due to the fact that not everything is possible in yarn and not everything is in my stash or easy to realize. The yarn I used this time was Catania cotton fine.

My Niece was very surprised by the doll and the clothes. She recognized her drawing immediately. For me It was fun to do.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Doll outfit

gehaakt truitjeThis knitted doll has received a very nice little sweater. The sweater has been crocheted with yellow acryl. the collar is knitted. A nice ribbon is al it need to close the vest. I have no pattern available of the vest. I made it at random. A sweat little cap accomplished the outfit.

Greetings Elzeblaadje