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Lily pond panel 6

The last part of the Lily Pond Cal was part 6, a panel with waves, stripes and also bobble stitches, it is finished. It took more time than estimated, due to the fact that I had to frog a panel, for it was too small. Luckily it was only 7 rows high. After that I did each row simultaneously, on each panel. It turned out to be the end of the color fern/spring green. I have only a small ball left.

I liked the pattern of this panel. It gives a nice structure and it looks like waves of water. On the panel I have also crocheted the sides with teal/petrol. It should now be an easy job to crochet the panels to the squares. But first there are a lot of threads to get rid of. Maybe I block the panels and squares after that or  wait till the blanket is finished and block the whole blanket then. For now I take a break and crochet on another project.

Nice weekend, ElzeblaadjeLPCal_part6


Lily pond flower 7

A few days ago I completed part 7 of the Lily pond Cal. Part 6, a panel, is for now skipped till the last flower is finished. My yarn box with Cal colors is diminishing very fast and I hope there is  enough yarn left forLPcaldl7-1 the panels. Therefore I am making the flowers first.

This flower wasn’t very difficult. although round 4 could be better. The petals are crocheted in a very small picot. that isn’t very handy. Better is to make first a sc in the first stitch between the picots of round 3, chain 3 or 4, a sc in the next stitch, chain 7 and so on. Much easier and it gives a nice result.

I think the flower looks fabulous but not as spectacular as the previous flower. I am already started with the flowers of part 8. I hope it will be ready this weekend.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Lily pond 5

Isn’t it a beautiful flower? This weekend I have dealt with part 5 of the Lily Pond Cal and made some real beauties. The picture s a bit too dark, in reality the colors are more bright. The first square I finished was a bit loose, so I did it again with a other size hook, 3.5 in stead of 4.0 mm. It looks better now and the square is the same size as my other squares, so it will match perfectly. I hope to start the next part of the Cal this afternoon after finishing the threads.


Greetings, ElzeblaadjeLPcaldl5-1

Lily Pond Cal part 4

The four panels of the fourth part of the Lily Pond Cal are ready, There is only a lot of threads LPdeel4hanging from the panels, so I am not totally ready with it. The pins and wheels where nice to make, but concentration was needed, because of errors. Regularly I forgot the chain 3 to make and then i had to frog a bit. I learn the pattern always very fast so I don’t need the written pattern only the first time. I also have a tablet where I keep my patterns and can read them, it cost no paper  or printing ink. The wheels are a very old pattern, called the Catherine Wheels,  I am now looking for an opportunity to start with part 5, but first i have to finish the other blanket on my hook.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Lily Pond Cal part 3

Lilypond3JPGIt took some time, because I was busy with the other blanket, but now my third part of the Lily Pond Cal is finished. The four  lily buds are all made and the threads are hidden and cut off. It was a much easier square to make. The flowers are made with hook 4 mm. The square itself is made with hook 3.5 mm, although the first rounds in the original pattern were suggested to make with 4 mm, I choose a smaller hook. It turned out to be nicer and less wobbly. The color Atlantis is used in the last round. I like the effect of it. For the leaves I used first the color meadow alone, but it was a bit boring, so now it is alternated with the color spring green. I already used 1 skein of spring green so I had to order a second skein. Today it arrived, now I can go on with part 4 of the Cal.

Greetings Elzeblaadje