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Fairy garden finished (2)

fairygardenalicefaries and gnomesA picture of the fairy garden completed. I Just made a special page over the fairy garden! Look for a tab above the header of the blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Fairy garden finished

Well it is done. The Fairy garden is finished. The fairy has come home and dances with the gnomes  and other creatures in the garden. Although the garden is very small, everybody has found a place. The last to come were the lucky birds, they build a nest in the fairy tree and have an egg to worry about. The next days I will finish my special fairy page and show you some photographs.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Magical being

unicornMy fairy garden is very popular by a magical being. It came yesterday out of my working basket and walked all the way to the fairy garden. She is very sweet and approachable, she likes the water in the garden and the magical tree very much. But she is very tall and it is now much crowded in the container. I hope it will attract the fairy. Maybe she will like the garden to.

I wasn’t satisfied with the horn, so I made an other one with thinner yarn. Now she looks better and resembles a unicorn far more!


little ones

slakje - snailIn my fairy garden crawls a little snail. Together the bears and snail play by the trees and grasses in the meadow. The snail is crocheted in two parts, first the little house on her back, just a small ball and the other part is a body, which is not stuffed but in which I put a pipecleaner, so you can bend the little guy. Is she the first to come, what else is there in my working basket.