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Fairy garden meeting


fairygarden ellenYesterday my Sister in law came to visit my family and she could admire my fairy garden and all it inhabitants. But to my surprise she also had her fairy garden with her. So the two of them meet. It was nice to talk about our hobby, and look at what I was making and brewing in my work basket. She also had a little surprise for me, the first little bird from my pattern. It is a very nice birdie.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

fairygarden alice


Unicorn and maiden

unicorn and maidenThe fairy garden completed, I am in search of a new project. I want to make a fantasy world of amigurumi figures, Maybe make little stories with the dolls and animals, or little video’s. But t has to wait a little bit, because I have still projects going on or not finished. Still a few weeks to go and time is on my side, my diary is becoming a bit empty in june.  But first I want to make a new tableau in my container. So I put all the objects and figures in a carton box. Only the tree and fairy ring remained. It occurred to my that my unicorn was in search of a maiden. And it was not difficult to find one in my carton box. Isn’t she lovely, touching the nose of the unicorn. Maybe I can make a little story around these two. But for now I am sleepy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

The unicorn horn

unicornHere is a new picture of the unicorn. You can clearly see his new horn. I made it with thinner yarn and hook 2.0. A small piece of pipe cleaner supports the horn.

The pattern is easy, start with a magic ring and 3 single crochet, crochet further in a spiral and increase regularly. The last round is the base, increase in every stitch to two single crochet stitches. Sew on the forehead.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Magical being

unicornMy fairy garden is very popular by a magical being. It came yesterday out of my working basket and walked all the way to the fairy garden. She is very sweet and approachable, she likes the water in the garden and the magical tree very much. But she is very tall and it is now much crowded in the container. I hope it will attract the fairy. Maybe she will like the garden to.

I wasn’t satisfied with the horn, so I made an other one with thinner yarn. Now she looks better and resembles a unicorn far more!