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Halloween preparations 4

wings2The wings of the monster outfit I am making has to be a bit like bat wings. So I made some small seams into the wings that look like bones. I started 12 cm of the neck side so a natural shoulder arose. The last thing I did was making a undulated seam in the edge of the wings. Also a little patch was made to connect the wings so they stayed onto their place by wearing.

We tried some reinforcement to make with coated wire, but that was no succes, the wire was to weak.

More about the monster outfit tomorrow, Elzeblaadje



Halloween preparations 3

Well, Halloween is very near now and the costume is almost completed. But I had less time for blogging about it. I showed you my wing pattern and below is a picture of the wings half way down. Doesn’t it look  a bit like  bat wings? They are not. On the neck sides I made a small tunnel through which i pulled a cord. The cord can be fastened in the front. The wings hang a bit around the arms so they flap a bit.

Tomorrow the finishing of the wings, greetings and happy Halloween, Elzeblaadjewings1

Little fairy

It was a busy week. Lots of things to do. Not only in the crafts but also in the real world. One of makingfairiesthe things I made was a little fairy for someone small. It was a nice opportunity to test my own pattern. The yarn I used was Catania fine cotton and the hook 2.0 mm.

This time I made a pair of very small wings with silver yarn. The wings are reinforced with thin bendable iron wire, like flower wire.

I must say I am only using the pattern for guidelines. Each small fairy is unique made. This time I made also a new dress with small flowers.

The flowers a very easy to make. Start with a MR and green or yellow yarn and crochet  8 sc in the ring. Clip the yarn and start wit a nice color for the flower petals. Each petal consist of 1 sc in 1 sc and 2  dc in the next sc, repeat this till end of round. End with a slst and clip the yarn. The flower is ready to be attached to hair or dress.

The hair is single thread wool-acrylic mix. Because of the mass of hair I only made two wings. The hair is sewed unto the head.

I made also panties for the little fairy in the form of two small tree leaves sewn together.

I hope the little receiver will treat this fairy with love and will adore her.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Dragon crochet

draak2This is one of my first amigurumi crochet attempts, It is a little dragon designed by Lucy Ravenscar. The pattern is to find on Ravelry. Because it was early in my amigurumi days I had to translate the pattern in dutch or in notations I could understand.  I had to count a lot. But I succeeded. My yellow yarn was not sufficient to do the whole dragon, so I made the wings and spikes in an other color. It turned out to be a lovely little dragon. One modification I made. The legs are movable and can be put in different positions. Furthermore I put some wire in the tail and head section, so you can bend these also. We had much fun with playing with the dragon, so I wanted to make another one, draak1but that project was hibernated for almost a year. So I will introduce this dragon in another post.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Fantasy: Imp

imp1I fell in love with this little creature. It is an imp, a little fantasy figurine with tail, wings, big ears, bright eyes, horn, sharp teeth and claws.

It flies around and does all kind of naughty things in the house. I also liked the yellow color of the cotton yarn. It makes the imp a sweet little thing.

In the wings I have constructed thin wire, so the wings stand out. The tail gives the imp2creature more solidity. It also has a white thorn.

I still haven’t written the pattern down, maybe I will do it some day or make a second imp, so they can meet and fly together.

Greetings Elzeblaadje