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Dolls and Yarn 2

popjes1Here is a picture of the two dolls. After the last post I have improved the woolen doll by stuffing it more tightly. It is still a bit shorter, but not so much as it was. On the photograph you can see the differences between the two dolls. The woolen is more hairy and feels warm if you touch it. The cotton one glances a bit. But furthermore there are no striking differences. So It is the preference of the maker which yarn  to use. But Now I have a woolen doll, still naked, that has to be modified in a real  doll, with hair and clothes. A challenge to make her a nice lady lies before me.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Dolls and yarn

My woolen doll is knitted, sewed and filled, and I now can compare her with the cotton doll I made earlier and surprise surprise, she is shorter, although I knitted almost every single row the same as before. The legs are a bit shorter, The arms I made a bit longer this time and they are the same. The head I made is shorter on my woolen doll and the body looks a bit less massive. But surprisingly the dolls look like dolls. I can’t say the cotton one is better than the woolen, or the woolen is tighter. I found knitting with the wool mix a bit more difficult, because it made more ugly loops and hooks. The doll of wool is a doll, as is the cotton one, only a bit smaller and shorter.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Sometimes the life of a craftster isn’t easy, So the past days were horrible. For the things I wanted to do came out all wrong and twisted. I wished I could forget these days but the result is an awesome doll, that surprisedly came out better than I thought. Maybe i was to focused on an good result, maybe I was tired or maybe I hadn’t my day of luck.

But it set me thinking of dolls and the yarn we use for them. So I ordered some woollies to test a doll pattern and how it shows using different mixes of wool, cotton and acrylic. In the books, most authors and designers work with wool or a mix with wool, but those yarns are in Europe not available or very expensive. I also like to work in cotton. I made nice dolls using cotton. So I think it will be all about what you prefer and not what is the best.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Sunshine doll

popjeI have a box with surprises. Things I made some years ago. In one of the boxes I found this lovely sunshine child. She is a little Waldorf doll I made some years ago. She has a knitted overall and crocheted shoes. Waldorf dolls are made from natural materials and the filling is pure wool. I had totally forgotten about the doll. Isn’t she a lovely title darling.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje