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Skulls and shawls

In two dsjaaltjeays I made this lovely shawl for my daughter. The shawl was crocheted with Katia Jaipur 201, a very nice yarn. I used hook 2.0 mm, a bit thicker, than the recommended 1,5 mm. In the shawl I crocheted 2 skulls. Can you see them on the photograph? The pattern used to crochet the shawl is the same as in the other skull garments I made and it is an easy pattern. The only difficult thing is the skull itself. One skein was just enough to make the shawl. It is a nice summer-shawl and it was joyful to crochet.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


White blossom Fairy

k-elfjeIsn’t she pretty, the white blossom fairy. I made her a dress and a jacket of blossom leaves, with a golden border. The jacket has a gap, where the wings will be positioned, but they hasn’t grown yet from my hook. The dress is made from Catania fine cotton with hook 2.0 mm. The hair is some left over wool-acrylmix. The little fairy can be made to fly into the Christmas tree and she will watch over it.

I found a few points where I can improve the pattern a little bit. But for now the fairy pattern is free and in the pattern section of my blog, The improved pattern will soon be uploaded.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mezzaluna shawl 3

mezzalunashawl3Writing does it. After my last post I went looking for the Mezzaluna shawl and I saw that it needed not much to finish, so why not doing it right away. So now I proudly present my version of the Mezzaluna shawl or wrap. It is made with red sparkling yarn from a discount shop in town. The yarn is very vulnerable. It is red acrylic with a thin metal thread. The sparkling is not visible on the pictures I made, but it gives the wrap a luxury touch. I think it will be very nice to wear around Christmas time.

The pattern is to be find on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mezzaluna-crescent-moon-wrap

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

A lovely doll

tpop1The woolen doll turned into a lovely doll. I finished her last week and gave her as present to a niece. When finishingoutfit1 the doll I was out of inspiration for some clothes, so I asked the mother of my niece if she had a fashion design from my niece. Fashion drawings are very popular between the girls now a day. My sister in law liked the idea and send my a photograph of a very complicated fashion design made by her daughter. It was a challenge to knit the design, I thought. But I have a lot of stash and so I found a yarn that matched the rainbow colored skirt. The yarn I used was Katia Jaipur.  The skirt was knitted with needles 2,5. The top was made with Catania fine natural. The doll has a knitted wig. First I made a model with knitting needles 4, It took knitting two models before i was satisfied with the result. Knitting fluffy yarn is very difficult, because you can’t see the stitches very good. But it succeeded very well. The girdle of the skirt is a velvet band closed with Velcro.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Dolls and yarn

My woolen doll is knitted, sewed and filled, and I now can compare her with the cotton doll I made earlier and surprise surprise, she is shorter, although I knitted almost every single row the same as before. The legs are a bit shorter, The arms I made a bit longer this time and they are the same. The head I made is shorter on my woolen doll and the body looks a bit less massive. But surprisingly the dolls look like dolls. I can’t say the cotton one is better than the woolen, or the woolen is tighter. I found knitting with the wool mix a bit more difficult, because it made more ugly loops and hooks. The doll of wool is a doll, as is the cotton one, only a bit smaller and shorter.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Sometimes the life of a craftster isn’t easy, So the past days were horrible. For the things I wanted to do came out all wrong and twisted. I wished I could forget these days but the result is an awesome doll, that surprisedly came out better than I thought. Maybe i was to focused on an good result, maybe I was tired or maybe I hadn’t my day of luck.

But it set me thinking of dolls and the yarn we use for them. So I ordered some woollies to test a doll pattern and how it shows using different mixes of wool, cotton and acrylic. In the books, most authors and designers work with wool or a mix with wool, but those yarns are in Europe not available or very expensive. I also like to work in cotton. I made nice dolls using cotton. So I think it will be all about what you prefer and not what is the best.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Meet Zoë

zoeBYesterday I spoke of my testing doll.  She is finished now and  transferred into a lovely lady doll indeed.

I named her Zoë B. Because of the white frock Zoë Barnes wears. in House of cards  She wears also white ballerina shoes and a silver scarf. All items are knitted. Also the  funky hair of Zoë, It is knitted with so-called hairy or fluffy yarn on needles 4 mm. The dress is made of white luxury cotton with a thread of shiny material in it.

Knitting a doll is not very difficult and a small doll like Zoë B, is made in a few days. I like the way she came to life. I now can start with the ordered doll, with will be more of a challenge.

Greetings Elzeblaadje