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Twisted robins

I am making robins, these days. I had ordered some new yarn, very soft cotton and much thicker than the yarn I normally use. Because I wanted to make some big robins. But it turned out wrong, the robin became a bit distorted. So I had to adjust the pattern a little bit. Now the pattern is alright and the last robin I made a looks more like a robin than ever. I haven’t made pictures yet, the robins are not totally ready. They miss the beak and eyes and toes. So you have to wait al little longer. I am also making a new zergy, he is also not complete. And al my other projects are waiting to be finished. I keep you informed.

greetings Elzeblaadje


All Zergy’s

All the zergy pictures in a gallery, isn’t it that nice?

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Zergy pattern online


Just a few days and it is fathers day, just enough time to give him a zergy. A character  of starcraft 2. Maybe he likes to game and loves starcraft, then it is a must have. I have made the pattern available and it is just a few hours to crochet the adorable zergy. I hope there will be many zergys made this weekend. Just for fun to do. The pattern is to be found on my page pattern and so. just look above in the taskbar of the blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

More Zergy’s

More zergy's

More zergy’s

Summer is still some days away and it is cold and rainy. I am still crocheting zergs, little ones and big ones, for I am writing the pattern. Well for me it is difficult to write it down, for there are some nasty points. But with help from Ellen it will be done. I am also started with a new and old project. The body was made, the head was made but all legs and other limbs still has to do. It is not easy. In one hour just made 2 toes. Argh It wont be finished in a day or so, maybe a week to go.
Greetings Elzeblaadje