Baby dollie

babydoll2Cleaning the attic produces a lot of bags with unfinished projects. Ugh I had forgotten what there was in that box. It looks like a knitted doll. The knits are bound together with a safety pin. When unrolled all parts of a baby doll are there. I slightly remember that I started this long ago but couldn’t find the nerves to finish the doll. Luckily I am now in the mood. In a big box all u.f.o. s are placed in the end. That night I start finishing the baby doll knitted after a pattern I found on the internet, the Amy doll by Yvonne Boucher. The pattern is on ravelry so if you want to make her, search in the pattern section.

Making Up is not difficult. But to my surprise there are 2 dollies, it is a twin. The first was born a few days ago, the second is still in waiting. He or she has more  sewing to do than the first one. Meanwhile I made also some garments, like a pant in greenish acryl, a top with flowers and a cardi with hat and socks. You notice I had a lot of knitting to do. But it was fun to do.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Christmas preparations

christmaself2I am already doing my Christmas preparations. You have to start early, because making decorations can be more work than thought.  First I have sorted the decorations of last years. There are christmas balls, garlands of stars in white, red and blue, snowflakes and some figurines like a angel, snowman and Santa Claus. Also I have made a nice tree skirt. All decorations are crocheted. It is fun to make your own decorations and mix them with the Bling Bling you can buy.

Last christmas I made some elves. I used the tree trimmers pattern of Alan Dart. It is knitting and also fun to do. It cost a few hours knitting and a few hours to construct the elves or gnomes. I Thought more people would be making them, but on Ravelry only a few posted a project. But Now is the time to start again. I didn’t make the assecoires and concentrated only on the elves. You can give them all kinds of outfits and decorate them with silver and golden yarn, so they glimmer in your room.

My Tree elves have bendable arms and legs. While making them  use some pipe cleaners or bendable wire and put one in the body and legs and one in the arms, through the body.  Attention they are not mend for little children.

Well, I hope some people are joining me in making Christmas figurines, knitted or in crochet. It will be much fun. Elzeblaadje

Grinda shawl

grindamal2Although I am very quiet this months, I haven’t stopped making projects with knitting and crochet. One of the projects in which I participated this summer was the Grinda Mal from Tatsiana Kupryianchyk or Lilla Bjorn. The shawl has an easy pattern, based upon filet crochet. The simple forms and the irregular filet pattern are very nice to see. But into the making a few problems occured. The change from row A to row B, was a bit tricky, especially in the dc rows. In my work it went wrong a couple of times. Once I had to frog a few long rows. Also  it was easy to make a mistake and just discover this a couple of rows later.  So I had to be creative in making the pattern work, without frogging more then once.. I also run out of yarn, but luckily the yarn shop had a similar whirlette in the shop, only the central color wasn’t black but pink. It didn’t matter for the other colors were the same and it gives a nice touch to the shawl. As a matter of fact the pink band came along with the hearts in the filet pattern. The used yarn was not Scheepjes, but Eva from the Wibra. I used 2,5 whirlette. For more information go to the ravelry page of tatiana or elzeblaadje/grinda Mal. 

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


Boho style bag

boho_detI have lots of yarn in my stash. But some yarn is not so favorite. So I decided to empty one of my boxes and make a bag with all the leftovers and useless yarn bolls. The result is in the picture, a joyful boho style bag. It is made from cotton leftovers and the handle and edge are reinforced with some sturdy string so it will not stretch while using the bag. In the opening I have sewed a zipper. The stitches were crocheted with a hook 2,5 mm and vary in colors and combination of stitches and patterns, The crochet guide was very useful in constructing the bag.

If you want to make your own bag, start with a long enough chain of the main color.  (use a big book to measure the chain). Crochet sc around the top and bottom of the chain, increasing in the first and last stitch. Crochet around for 6 or more rounds to construct the bottom of the bag, increasing in the corners.. Then stop increasing in the round ends and start with your left overs. Make the first round with color of your choice and stitch pattern A, for example all sc (no increasing). Go further with a second color and the stitch pattern will be next: *ch 1 sk 1 st, 1 sc*.  Repeat these 2 rounds or use your own imagination and a stitch guide. Do not increase or decrease in the rounds, otherwise your bag will be zig zagging and not straight. When the bag is high enough, make a edge while crocheting sc around a sturdy string ( or some small binding rope).

The handle measures 42 cm and is made in the same way as the bottom, but with more colors. Use the sewing machine to sew the zipper in and secure the handle ends. For a shoulder long handle make the handle twice as long.

Have fun, Elzeblaadje


Persian tiles blanket

pt 2The persian tiles I made earlier are this summer connected to each other and form a small blanket. The tiles lay in a box and it was difficult to find the right spirit to make more tiles. So I made them in this small blanket. I still had to make the squares and triangles. And a lot of threads to finish. After that was done i made the edge. I decided to skip the cornerpieces and that gives a nice effect to the blanket. The used yarn is Stylecraft special DK in a lot of colors.  The used colors are: white, cream, citron, lemon, buttermilch, sunshine, gold, silver, cloud blue, storm blue, denim, petrol, midnight, meadow, khaki, walnut, claret, copper, fondant, plum, fuchsia, raspberry, turquoise, pale rose, vintage peach, teal, and so on. The blanket can be used for a baby or wheelchair blanket.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

pt 3

Little birds

vogeltje1When I started with crochet in 2012, I was first inspired to make amigurumi. And my first design was a little bird. I made several birdies to test the pattern. Now 6 year later i have translated the pattern in dutch, And to do so I made more birdies. It was again a fun project.

A little bird cost only a few hours to make. Most time consuming things are sewing the little parts to each other and embroidering the bird.

Threads have to be carefully finished off and there are a few tricks that can make the bird sturdy. So the wing threads are pierced through the body to a place on the back, then firmly knotted and put away in the body. Pulling the body fabric a bit up will do the trick.  Remember a child will play with the bird and pull hard on the parts, you don’t want these parts to come loose.

More about making amigurumi is to find by

My birdie pattern in English is to find in the pattern part of my website under little things

The dutch pattern is to be found on Elzeboom, my dutch website.

Much fun making birds, Elzeblaadje


Baby mix

I was inspired with the knittings of katie Jones and wanted to make something similar, just for fun. So I knitted this small baby sweater in four colors, with cables, moss stitch, holes, bobbles and ridges. On the back came in the middle a nice looking bunch of flowers.

The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a very soft acrylic yarn. The colors where salmon, white, light green and lavender.

Greetings Elzeblaadje