Cthulhu Ski Mask

cthulhumaskEvery lover of Lovecraft wants a Cthulhu Ski Mask for his or her Christmas or birthday. Or you can scare a neighbor on Halloween with  your own Mask. Masks are mostly green, for a Cthulhu is also green, but you can make it also in an other color.

There are quit a few patterns you can use to make a Cthulhu Ski Mask. I made my own crochet pattern. It befits a large head (56-58 cm) and can be easily adjusted for smaller or larger heads. It is an easy pattern and is made with acrylic yarn and hook 4.0 mm. On the picture the Mask without tentacles. The mouth is large, because  you want to breath underneath the mask. In the eye-sockets you can also crochet a small edge in red, to make the mask scarier. skimaskc2

Make as many tentacles as you want, but too many or too long tentacles will tear the mask down on the front side and make wearing a bit uncomfortable. So  make a few short ones and a few long ones and sew them to the upper lip. Beneath the nose there are more tentacles.

Download the pattern now!

Cthulhu ski mask crochet pattern(1)

Much fun with the pattern, Elzeblaadje